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Are The Oakland Athletics Overrated?

On Twitter today Yahoo: Sports Talk Live asked this question on Twitter about the 2013  Oakland Athletics. Are the A's actually overrated, feasting off the AL's bottom-feeders? Tweet us your thoughts and we'll debate at 5pm on @YSTL! #YSTL — Y! SportsTalk Live (@YSTL) June 17, 2013 With a 42-29 record the A's are on top of the American League West division. At home their record is 22-12 and on the road 20-17. Now
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Umpire Gerry Davis Makes Horrific Judgment Call

For some reason the 2013 MLB season hasn't been kind to the Oakland Athletics when it comes to umpiring. Chris Young hit a game winning home run in extra innings only to have it ruled a double, Adam Rosales hit a game tying home run in Cleveland that got upheld as a double, against the Boston Red Sox a fan interfered with a ball, yet was never called and last night umpire Gerry Davis poor judgment gave the San Francisco Giants a run. In the bottom of the
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MLB Looking To Expand Replay In 2014

It's only fitting after last weeks mess involving replay that Major League Baseball has finally begun the process of looking to expand its role  for the 2014 season. Unfortunately for baseball there was a lesson learned from the fiasco involving umpire Angel Hernandez and that is the umpires on the field won't review the calls. Instead a system like the NFL has when it comes to scoring plays should get put into place. Last week Hernandez
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MLB Umpire Suspended And No It’s Not Angel Hernandez

In a perfect world umpire Angel Hernandez would have made the correct call on Wednesday night when Adam Rosales hit a game tying home run with two outs in the top of the ninth inning off Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez. Of course that didn't happen and instead made an excuse about where the ball hit as not being conclusive enough to overturn the call of a double. Then Hernandez refused to admit his mistake, have his
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Joe Torre Makes False Claims Opening Up A Can Of Worms

By now many have seen or heard about the home run that Adam Rosales hit that got ruled a double on the field and confirmed by umpire Angel Hernandez on replay. Interestingly enough Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin brought his case to the office of Major League Baseball who took a look at the call. Much like Hernandez who refused to have his interview recorded and then denied requests for more interviews today, Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Joe
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Why Major League Baseball Can’t Escape Angel Hernandez’s Blown Call

On Monday night Angel Hernandez had a terrible night calling balls and strikes no matter which team was at the plate. Wednesday he got an opportunity to redeem himself by using replay to make sure a ball hit by Adam Rosales was a double (the ruling on the field) or a game tying home run off Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez. After a lengthy review, Hernandez did not overturn the call. Interestingly enough after the game he didn't
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Josh Donaldson Clutch As Athletics Take Series From The Yankees

It wasn't that long ago regardless of venue facing the New York Yankees was a difficult task for the Oakland Athletics. Yet, since the 2012 season that has changed after sweeping a four game series at home and overall a 5-5 record, the best mark since 2007 a year in which the team went 4-2. Friday night kicked off the series and A.J. Griffin pitched outstanding shutting out the Yankees for seven innings
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A’s Robbed Of Walk-Off Home Run Even With Review, End up winning 10-8 in 19 Innings

Major League Baseball has done at least one thing right in regards to replay and that's instituting reviews of home run calls.  Tonight that system failed as Oakland Athletics outfielder Chris Young hit a walk-off home run against the Los Angeles Angels. The original call on the field a triple. A's manager Bob Melvin went out to ask for a replay and after a short discussion the umpiring crew obliged him. One thing that was clear the ball
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Oakland Athletics Send Down Shane Peterson and Jemile Weeks

The strength of the defending American League West champion Oakland Athletics roster is their depth and it came as no surprise today that  Shane Peterson and Jemile Weeks got sent to Triple A Sacramento. With Peterson he's an outfielder and already on the roster are Yoenis Cespedes, Coco Crisp, Josh Reddick, Chris Young and Seth Smith. In the minors he also spent some time at first playing in 123 games over five seasons, yet Brandon Moss is a lock for the starting spot. Bob Melvin has difficult task of