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Cavs Land Bynum: The Question Remains, Will He Return to All-Star Form?

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have had a busy and productive off season so far. Even though this year’s NBA Draft had a weaker class, they still have a possible star in former UNLV forward Anthony Bennett.

After letting go of Omri Casspi and Wayne Ellington, and losing Mareese Speights to the Golden State Warriors through free agency, the pickups of Jarrett Jack, Earl Clark and now Andrew Bynum, Cleveland is clearly looking to move back into the playoff picture and continue their pursuit of bringing LeBron James back to Cleveland next season.

The makeup of these additions looks very solid on paper, and all three men can add to what the Cavs already have on the floor with Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and, of course, Anderson Verajao.

The big question though is how will Andrew Bynum fare after playing no games last season in Philadelphia and with his knee troubles?

The two-year deal worth $24.5 million, with only 6 million guaranteed is nothing short of genius, especially considering that no other team could really match or wanted to match what owner Dan Gilbert and company had to offer due to the injury risks of Bynum.

I feel Bynum definitely is an All-Star and is in the top five of big men in the NBA. He just needs to stay healthy and in shape, and have the commitment to this team and his career. The Summer Leagues now underway and Bynum still has some time to rest and slowly get back into gear, but come October we will see what he can do.

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