Cedar Point

Of all the parks Cedar Fair owns, Cedar Point (CP) is easily the best. With its massive collection of coasters and flat rides, the park is a must for all thrill junkies.

Cedar Fair obviously doesn’t want to single out any particular park as its best. However, the theme park chain has put a great deal of money into Cedar Point.

With the greatest collection of coasters at any one of its parks, Cedar Point is the crown jewel of Cedar Fair.


While parks such as Carowinds ( Fury 325), Kings Dominion ( Intimidator 305) and Kings Island ( The Beast ) featuring signature coasters, Cedar Point has its own collection of great rides.

In fact, the park has continuously unveiled record-breaking coasters for almost 20 years. Cedar Point had the first giga-coaster (Millenium Force)longest and tallest dive coaster (Valravn), and at one point, the tallest and fastest coaster in the world ( Top Thrill Dragster).

With all these record-breaking coasters, CP is not only the best Cedar Fair park, it might be the best theme park of any in North America.

The location of the park plays a big factor in that, as Cedar Point is situated on the shores of Lake Erie, making for some really nice scenery and views around the park. If you need any convincing of its beauty, just ride Millennium Force, you’ll see exactly how beautiful the park is.

Like most Cedar Fair parks, CP features Planet Snoopy, the kid’s area of the park. And in my honest opinion, Cedar Point is in the top-tier. With multiple sections devoted to kids, there are plenty of opportunities for parents to let their junior thrill seekers roam free. In addition, characters from Peanuts are always walking the Planet Snoopy are, and it won’t be too hard to get a picture with them.

The other added benefit to Cedar Point are its on-site hotels. While most Cedar Fair parks don’t feature signature accommodations, CP has four different lodging options, all exclusive to the park.

They’ve got affordable options ( Breakers Express ), more luxurious options ( Breakers ), and family fun options ( Castaway Bay ), which features an indoor Waterpark. What’s best is that when you stay at any Cedar Point hotel you get early admission to the park.

There are a host of other factors which make Cedar Point the best park in the Cedar Fair chain. Whether it be the record-breaking coasters, scenery, exclusive hotels, or large kids area, it easily lives up to its huge reputation.

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