Where will Patrick Mahomes land
Patrick Mahomes - Quarterback, Texas Tech

Patrick Mahomes has plenty of NFL scouts and media talking. The quarterback from Texas Tech has been steadily moving up draft boards as teams have had a chance to watch the signal caller both at the Combine and at his Pro Day.

If anything, it makes for an interesting scenario where more quarterbacks than expected could be first-round draft choices.

I’ve been a bit outspoken about this quarterback class being overrated and overvalued. NFL free agency changed the blueprint. San Francisco and Chicago signed quarterbacks in the off-season. Cleveland acquired a quarterback it does not want. The New York Jets, the Browns, and the Houston Texans still have a need for a signal caller. Teams like Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and San Diego could all be looking to find their quarterback of the future.


It should make for an interesting 72 hours at the end of April.

Patrick Mahomes, although skilled with a great arm and solid mechanics, will do something that many quarterbacks haven’t been able to do – prove that he is not a product of the system at Texas Tech. There are plenty of teams that have interest. But who will bite and take him higher than his position might warrant?

This time of year, players catch lightning in a bottle, they excite the masses of NFL teams with their performance in workouts. They create a buzz that they are the next big thing. Most of all, their one-day performance scrambles everyone’s draft board and sends website material into a frenzy.

Mahomes has the resume and the makeup to be “the guy,” proving doubters wrong. One team will fall in love with him and draft him where he may sit for a season before he is unleashed. Which team makes that decision has a lot to do with other teams that balk at the chance to take that chance.

I suspect Patrick Mahomes will be a first round draft pick. CBS Sports senior football writer Pete Prisco has the New York Jets taking him with the six overall pick. I think that’s a bit high given that there are two or three other quarterbacks who have been projected higher than him all along. And if he is the first quarterback off the board, doesn’t that say something about how strong or how weak this class is? How does he project as a starter down the road? Does his status change because quarterbacks like the Deshaun Watson who may have been a bit erratic at their Pro Day, but still could be the next Russell Wilson?

I see that there are six teams could jump on the Patrick Mahomes bandwagon. Whether he is a first or second round pick, whichever team puts the trigger could have the best quarterback in this draft class. Here is a look at those teams who may be willing to take a chance on their future.

New York Jets – There isn’t a quarterback on the current roster who scares in NFL defense. New York has had an opportunity this off-season to land a big name free-agent quarterback or trade for one and hasn’t pulled the trigger.

I keep waiting for the day that we hear Jay Cutler will be wearing gang green. It hasn’t happened yet. The only problem I have with this scenario is that Mahomes may need a bit of time to mature on the pro level.

Getting your start in New York is no easy task with the media.

Pittsburgh Steelers – I have been pushing Davis Webb for some time now but this might be the best place for Mahomes.

Sitting behind Ben Roethlisberger and learning isn’t a bad thing. Steelers fans still love their starter, but they also know he’s close to the end of his career. He is injury prone, and if the Steelers are to win another Super Bowl Big Ben will have to give an MVP performance.

I could see the Steelers transitioning to Mahomes once Roethlisberger hangs it up.

Cleveland Browns – Hasn’t every potential first-round quarterback been linked here? I know our fearless leader, Robert Cobb, has had Mahomes mocked to the Brown’s at No. 12. I could see that happening, which does make sense. The Browns don’t have a quarterback on the roster that can lead them to the playoffs. Cody Kessler is a stopgap.

The only problem with this scenario is if Mahomes is drafted here, he starts immediately. Being thrown to the NFL werewolves like this may stunt his career growth.


Kansas City Chiefs – This is another place where he learns before he starts. Alex Smith is the consummate game manager. While he is efficient, he does not scare you on a weekly basis by throwing short and intermediate passes.

Andy Reid gets the most out of his quarterback in the system. And Mahomes moves to a system where he can feel comfortable before he gets on the field. The only problem with this choice is Kansas City’s lack of a running game. I can’t see them taking a quarterback this high unless they have the foundation to give said quarterback a balanced offense.

New Orleans Saints – I suspect the Saints will use the first of their 2 first-round picks on defense. By the same token, the last pick in the first round for offense.

It could be the one to replace Drew Brees in a few short years. There has been some talk that Deshaun Watson would be a surprise with the 11th pick in the draft. I don’t think Watson is there at number 32, so Mickey Loomis may pull the trigger on Mahomes.

Learning from one of the greatest pastors of all time has its benefits.

Washington Redskins – If Patrick Mahomes is there in the second round, I could see Daniel Snyder making this move.

The owner of the Redskins likes to make a splash. And with the Kirk Cousins controversy, it makes perfect sense. Playing for Jay Gruden gives the signal caller a chance to improve without having to start immediately. For some reason, I think there are teams that could take him before Washington. However, this pick in the second round of keeps popping up in my head.

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