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Chad Fairchild Ejects Miguel Cabrera And Jim Leyland In Third Inning

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It wasn’t a good bottom of the third inning for umpire Chad Fairchild and Detroit Tigers third basemen Miguel Cabrera and manager Jim Leyland and nearly disastrous for Philadelphia Phillies starter Jonathan Pettibone.

The inning started with a ground rule double for Alex AvilaRamon Santiago singled putting runners on first and third, Austin Jackson worked the count full before taking a walk on a pitch that looked like a strike. Not a good situation for Pettibone a bases loaded situation with no outs against the Tigers and having Cabrera looming. Don Kelly got ahead in the count 3-1, before popping out to third basemen Michael Young for the first out of the inning.

In stepped Cabrera the MLB leader in rbi who took strike one though the pitch looked high and he said something to Fairchild. The next pitch pretty much was in the same location and got called a strike, something got said again and this time he got ejected. This didn’t sit well with Leyland who immediately gave the umpire behind home plate a piece of his mind and he also got tossed. He also let crew chief Eric Cooper have it as well before leaving the field.

Matt Tuiasosopo finished the at-bat which ended in a strike out that went to Cabrera. Pettibone then got Prince Fielder to foul out to Young to end the inning and allowed for the Phillies to keep their 1-0 lead. A surprising turn over events when it seemed that the Phillies had a legitimate beef with the strike zone of Fairchild.

While what got said is unknown, ejecting  Cabrera is hard to justify and MLB should discipline Fairchild.

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