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Denver Broncos : LB Von Miller’s Pending Suspension Not For a Failed Drug Test

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It’s been announced today that Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller’s four game suspension is not a result of Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) usage so the speculation is running rampant in what did he exactly do wrong?

Apparently, if he missed a schedule testing time or was late to several of them or even missed a counseling session, they all are offenses that can warrant a suspension for Miller and anyone else in the league.

This will draw the ire of fans of the Broncos, however if Miller missed a test that’s just as good as failing one in most people’s eyes including law enforcement when it’s part of a person’s probation.

Miller is also appealing the league’s decision and if the suspension holds up, the Broncos defense will be  greatly hurt as they will have virtually a non-existent pass rush after losing fellow pass rusher Elvis Dumervil to free agency as a result of a clerical error between his agent and the Broncos, and wound up signing with the Baltimore Ravens.

Last season, Miller had 18.5 sacks upping his career total to 30 and was an all-pro in 2012.

All and all, it shall be interesting to see what happens next with Miller and the Broncos especially if he is gone for four games, but the good news is they have only one division game in the first four and it’s against the Oakland Raiders.

The Raiders are looked at as one of the weakest team in the league this year and have for a few years now.

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