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The way the masses consume media changes drastically every few years. From Walkman to iPods – the tools that enable us to listen to audio content has transformed radically in the past few decades. The latest audio-listening devices that have caught the market by storm are Bluetooth or wireless earphones.

In 2019, the global market for Bluetooth earphones was valued at over $60 billion. They’re the latest poster child of the audio industry. Bluetooth technology can be found in a wide range of devices like smartphones, PCs, laptops, portable speakers, etc. Hence, these wireless short-range audio-listening devices offer users a lot of options. Bluetooth earphones can wirelessly link up with any such device in its vicinity. Hence, listening to music or chatting over the phone will no longer involve messy tangles or wire nooses.

Shopping for Bluetooth Earphones

The features of a Bluetooth earphone should be in accordance with the user’s needs and preferences. For instance, a user who wants to use his Bluetooth earphone for office work will have completely different requirements compared to a user who wants to use his Bluetooth earphone for listening to music. Users looking to find Bluetooth earphones top 10 that match their specific needs should consider these vital details –  

How Will the Earphones be Used?

There are two primary uses of Bluetooth earphones –talking on the phone or listening to music.

The users who want to use their earphones to communicate in loud environments will need Bluetooth earphones with –

  • Noise-canceling features.
  • A front-mic with wind reducing features.
  • Ear-hooks so that it’s easy to walk around while wearing the Bluetooth earphones.
  • Silicone rubber tips to ensure the earphones don’t slip out while they’re walking or running.
  • Voice command functionality so that users can answer/reject calls, check battery status, and execute other tasks using voice commands.

Users who’ll be mainly listening to music will need Bluetooth earphones with –

  • The best sound quality (Mono, Stereo, and HD Sound need to be supported by the device).
  • Bluetooth headphones that operate at 16KHz (not 8KHz like stereo headphones) offer the most immersive audio-listening experiences.
  • In-built music playback control buttons.
  • No-hook model so that it’s easier to wear or remove the earphones.

Depending on their specific listening requirements, these are the features Bluetooth earphone shoppers should look for.

Go for Models with Least Parts and Accessories

Firstly, Bluetooth earphones with a lot of parts and accessories cost more. So, going for a Bluetooth earphone with minimal accessories will save users a lot of money. Plus, Bluetooth earphones that come with plenty of accessories are harder to maintain and easier to displace.

  • The charging cable or the portable charging case of the Bluetooth earphone must plug directly into the headset.
  • Intermediary cables or charging pods make the product heavy.
  • The Bluetooth earphone itself shouldn’t have parts that disassemble easily. Or else, users may end up losing a core component while running or walking.

Why In-Built Controls are Vital

Well-positioned controls on a Bluetooth earphone make life much easier for users. Users can use their fingers and, without looking, execute a lot of commands. Be it accepting calls or changing the volume – in-built controls make listening experiences on Bluetooth earphones much better.

No one wants to pull out their phone every time they want to hang up on a call or change the volume settings. Getting used to these small in-built controls takes some time. But once users learn how to use these small controls, they’ll save a lot of time by not having to use their phone every second.

Battery Life is Essential

Users of Bluetooth earphones prefer using these wearable devices throughout the day. Hence, their earphones often run out of charge. So, users must opt for Bluetooth earphones that are bigger as they offer more battery life. Smaller Bluetooth earphones are more convenient to wear, but they don’t offer much battery life.

The average Bluetooth earphone lasts for four to five hours on a single charge. But, some of the latest Bluetooth earphones in the market can offer up to twelve hours of battery life. Battery life is one feature where there’s no room for compromises. Users must go for Bluetooth earphones with higher battery lives.  

Flexible Pairing

Bluetooth earphones with flexible or multipoint pairing are the most cost-efficient as they can connect with numerous Bluetooth-compatible devices.

People who intend to use their Bluetooth earphones with phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and other devices need Bluetooth earphones with multipoint pairing.

Comfortable Wearing 

Bluetooth headphones were designed to improve user comfort. The Bluetooth earphones should fit easily with the users’ ears. They should also stay in place so that users can move around without having to worry about their Bluetooth earphones falling. Wearable Bluetooth earphones should have –

  • A head strap to keep the Bluetooth earphones in place. Or, some users may find clips or hooks more comfortable.
  • In-built earbuds to ensure ear canals and ear lobes don’t get damaged.
  • Changeable ear-cushions that can be disposed of once they get dirty. 

Bluetooth earphones are by far the most popular wearable devices across the world. Now’s the perfect time to buy these amazing wireless devices!

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