>Vinnie Vidal is injecting Eastern flavor into Western music and integrating jazzy instrumentals into rap, like the saxophone. Vinnie‘s tunes focus on high quality classical records, rather than low frequency and destructive vibes, bringing clean music to the table without the swearing. His mission is to heal minds with his music, lifting self-awareness and positivity.
Hailing from Baghdad, Vidal is a full time musician with a stylist side hustle and can speak to how new artists are shifting lyrics to bring messages of positivity and social justice. He also can speak to the rise of independent artistry and self-publishing and promotion over the traditional route. He says, “I know what it takes to make quality music and which Instruments are currently being ignored.” Vidal is bringing them back and can make an entire song and beat from scratch 
Please visit the links below to listen to his latest song “Lavish”
royalplayrecords on Youtube
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@thebossvidal on twitter

More about Vinnie Vidal
Vinnie Vidal is a singer, songwriter and composer that has produced multiple singles gaining momentum with his unique sound and versatility. He brings a shift to the hip hop genre with his custom composed sounds and uncompromising integrity. Vidal started his love affair with music at age 8 and composed and directed for a church choir at age 14. He makes his own beats from scratch, writes the music, sings, and raps. Vinnie developed a team called ROYAL PLAY RECORDS which helps provide consistent high quality music. He is Middle Eastern and a Provincial Award winning stylist.