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Mitchell Trubisky - Quarterback, Chicago Bears
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2017 NFL Draft: The Chicago Bears get award for most boneheaded move in Round 1

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At the 2017 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears made the most boneheaded move in the first round. Many experts felt that the Bears would address the need of help on defense. Hence, with guys like Jamal Adams or Marshon Lattimore. Instead, they traded one spot up to the number two pick with the San Francisco 49ers and took Mitchell Trubisky, the quarterback from North Carolina.

There were a ton of people who didn’t understand this pick at all due to the fact that the Bears already had Mark Sanchez, Mike Glennon, Connor Shaw, and now Mitchell Trubisky. So now the Bears have four starters who are both unproven and have yet to start a game for the Bears. Also, they did pay Glennon roughly $45 million a year. I felt this was less of a need and more of a heat of the moment type of pick.

I am not crapping on them for trading up, I am however crapping on them for who they picked. The guys who would have helped and been needs were still on the board by the time they were picking. There is no way that any football fan or Bears fan can justify this pick at all. I hope that they realize that taking Trubisky as high as they did, he is pretty much going to be the starter for the 2017 season. I can’t see why the Bears wouldn’t start him right away.

Also, it seemed odd that they would jump only one pick ahead of where they going to stand. They didn’t do that to fill a need, instead, they did that to make a pick because they were scared. Which doesn’t make sense because Mitchell Trubisky was not someone who would have fit a need for the Bears?

What makes this pick more of a boneheaded move? Head Coach John Fox didn’t even know about the pick beforehand. This is surprising to me because usually, they know way before the draft. All I know is, Mitchell Trubisky going to the Chicago Bears has to be the most boneheaded move that we saw in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

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