Network security is important. Even if it’s uninteresting to you, it’s clear keeping enterprise networks out of harm’s way is just as important as daily operations. IBM’s 2020 research into computer breaches revealed some pretty startling things.

For starters, the average cost of a data breach is now just shy of $4 million. That’s money no organization can afford to lose. Industries that deal with highly sensitive data can see the costs of a breach go far higher than that. The study also showed it takes an average of 280 days for an organization to realize it has fallen victim to a data breach.

That precious time allows the damage to get worse while nothing is done.

It doesn’t take a marketing genius to realize the publicity that accompanies a data breach is more than a bad look. Loss of data can be highly damaging to people in very real ways. They’re not likely to just forgive and forget about it if your organization is responsible for causing people tangible harm.

Enterprises need to look to experts in order to keep their networks safe. Of course, this means building up a strong internal IT department. But that often isn’t enough in today’s world of constant threats. Cloud access security brokers are filling the security void by providing comprehensive services and tools for network security needs.

Here’s what you should know about choosing a cloud access security broker.

What Is a Cloud Access Security Broker?

Cloud access security brokers (CASBs) are companies that specialize in a variety of cloud security services. Essentially, a cloud access security broker uses its expertise and technology to act as a wide-ranging net to regulate and protect your networks by acting as an intermediary.

Here are a few areas in which CASBs are particularly valuable:

      Visibility is a new concern for many enterprises trying to stay on top of network security. The proliferation of powerful cloud-based reporting and analytics tools hasn’t skipped the network security world. If you want to make your networks as secure as possible, you need to be able to see what’s happening on them in real time.

      No organization is immune from compliance issues when it comes to network security and protocols. Data is inherently sensitive. It only gets more sensitive when it’s medical records or financial information. Losing this kind of personal data can be catastrophic for people and businesses alike. This is why backend compliance rules and protections try to ensure this happens as little as possible. A CASB will be aware of these, and help your enterprise navigate the often-tricky waters of network compliance.

      It seems hackers and other threats are always finding new ways to attack networks. This is why it’s essential to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to security, which is what you get with a CASB. These companies employ the utmost network security experts. This means they’re going to deploy the most advanced and methods for keeping your data safe.

      With the passing of enough time, a threat will find its way to your network’s front door. You’re going to be sorry if you’re not ready when it gets there. Having a CASB on your side means identifying that threat much faster than the average of 280 days. Finding and containing breaches as fast as possible can make a big difference in the amount of damage caused by them.

The world isn’t getting simpler. Enterprises need to accept this and look for ways to keep their networks safe in the face of ever-growing threats. Working with a cloud access security broker can be an effective way of accomplishing this.

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