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Ready to Watch NRL Rugby, Raiders vs Storm Live Stream Online Free TV Channel, Get all the latest NRL news, highlights, and analysis delivered straight to your inbox. The idea was to look after the players as much as is practically possible in a fly-in-play-fly-out COVID-19 world and reap the benefits with the improved performances the players would provide on the field. And at finals time, that’s what you want

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Raiders vs Storm Live Stream Details:
Time: 8.50 AM
Location: Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane

How to Watch Raiders vs Storm Live Stream Online Free

We are here for your, If you want to watch the Free Tv channel with 4K Display, please you can visit our website and click the watch button, The plan worked a treat for the Canberra Raiders before last Friday night’s semi-final against the Roosters in Sydney. Instead of being in transit late in the day, they rested up through the afternoon and arrived at the Sydney Cricket Ground relaxed and ready to end the reigning premiers’ tilt at a third-straight title.

Now, the Raiders are onto the next job — a preliminary final against the Melbourne Storm, which will be played tonight.

Of course, the game won’t be played in Melbourne, but in Brisbane — the Storm exiled themselves there in July, hours before Victoria pulled the gate closed on the bridge over the Murray River.

Their plan to make the Sunshine State home was approved by the Queensland Government and covered travel to any potential finals games anywhere.

Weeks ago, coach Ricky Stuart and the Raiders submitted a plan to rest up in a Brisbane hotel for a few hours ahead of a game, as they did in Sydney.

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They couldn’t praise the NRL enough for the lengths they went to, to get the Queensland Government onside — but the approval never came.

Instead, what arrived at the eleventh hour was a lengthy process of steps to be documented, completed, verified, and signed off, and all with a two-hour deadline.

The plan was dead in the water.

Stuart described the saga as “typical of the Queensland Government at the moment” but insists they won’t let the late change to their travel plans ruin their game-day preparation.

“It won’t affect us. It hasn’t all year, and it’s just another punch in the head that we’ve copped in the week leading up to a game,” he said.


  1. I said it before last week’s game, if we can play the Raiders way if we can play our style of football, we’re a very, very difficult game to play against.
  2. The Storm knows exactly how difficult. They’re a side Canberra have beaten three times in Melbourne in the past 18 months, including last year’s semi-final.
  3. The Storm still may not have worked out how John Bateman scooted through to score the 78th-minute match-winner.
  4. Yet as good as the Raiders’ recent record over the Storm is, the trail in pretty much every measure on the NRL stats table in 2020.
  5. They’ve not scored as many tries or points as Melbourne, and they’ve conceded more as well. They don’t make as many line breaks, and they aren’t as effective from the dummy half.
  6. They make more tackles per game, but they miss more, too. And the Storm does make more tackle busts.
  • But lifelong Raiders fans will tell you the Storm just don’t hold the same fear for the Raiders anymore. Maybe not even as much as the Roosters have done for years.
  • No-one in the league has that record against the Melbourne Storm.
  • It’s quite remarkable,” Blake Budak, one half of the weekly Raiders Review podcast, said.
  • We’ve got the team to beat them, too, because you need to play a bit off the cuff.
  • You need to have players, like Joey Tapine scoring that try last week, or John Bateman with the unpredictable stuff,
  • Because if you try and play predictable football going out wide, their defense is too good.
  • But you need a bit of crazy, and a bit of unpredictability, and I think we’ve got the players that can do that.
  • Budak’s podcast, which he creates in the storeroom of his Canberra city record store along with ABC Grandstand sideline commentator Tim Gore, claims to be rated as high as the third-most-popular of all the weekly Raiders podcasts.
  • He feels that’s the perfect platform from which to speak confidently about the Raiders’ march to a second-straight grand final. Well, confident-ish. Hopeful, certainly.
  • As a Raiders fan, I’ve ridden so many ups and downs over the years, so you’re never going in too confidently, he said.
  • Even as good as we played against the Roosters, we only hung on in the end. And if we lost, then you’d have to say the better side lost.
  • So, yeah. Cautiously optimistic, but fingers crossed. I’m sure we can do it.

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