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Choosing what to do when you retire

If you’re about to retire you may be wondering how you’re going to spend your time. How will you make sure that each of your days is full? Who will you spend time with and where will you go?

When you retire you’ll have more freedom than ever to do what you want when you want. Perhaps you will pursue one of your hobbies or find a new one? Whatever you plan to do you is likely to have a great time. We’re now living longer than ever which means there’s likely to be more time for you to do whatever you want.

Do Whatever Makes you Happy

Chances are you’ve spent your working life pleasing your boss and doing whatever it is that makes them happy. Now it’s time for you to do whatever makes you happy. It doesn’t matter what it is, you will now have the time for it. Paint more, read more, garden more, or do whatever it is that brings a smile to your face.

Think about all of those things you love to do and make plans to do each of them when you retire. When you do more of what makes you happy you’re more likely to enjoy your retirement.

Travel the World

Many people love to travel but their jobs leave them limited to how much they can travel. Why not consider visiting different parts of the world? If you don’t want to go overseas you could always spend time visiting different parts of this country.

Stay in a hotel, hire an RV, or take the train to a city you’ve never seen. Travel as and when you want to as you’ll have the freedom to do so. Traveling does not have to be expensive it will cost as much as you allow it to. Look to make savings wherever you go so traveling does not break the bank.

See family or friends that you’ve not seen for years. Visit those parts of the country that you’ve always wanted to see. Use your retirement to see the sights and be a tourist as often as you can.

Consider Running a Business

Not everyone considers running a business when they’re deciding what to do in retirement. Why not open up a shop or cafe? Make jewelry from home or run your own meal service. If you fancy running a business why not look into it? Plenty of people do as it gives them the opportunity to take the chance they were always to afraid to take.

Head North or South for the summer

Many people are happy to head north or south for the summer or for the winter. There’s no rule that states you have to stay in your current town all through the year. Head off to somewhere warmer or cooler at least once a year. Spend some time in the mountains, at the beach, or anywhere you please. If you don’t have a job that dictates where you need to be there’s no reason for you to stay where you are.


If finances allow, buy a vacation home or an RV. Head somewhere special when you have the chance and enjoy escaping from the cold weather.

Consider Getting a Seasonal Job

You may have retired but it doesn’t mean that you can never work again. Some of your local stores may be looking for team members during the festive season. Summer camps may be looking for team members in the summertime. You could work for a few months at a time and have the rest of the year off. Seasonal work can be a lot of fun and it can bring an extra bit of income too.

Try a Spot of Gardening

Have you always wanted enough time to do a spot of gardening? Why not spend at least a few hours each day in your yard? Grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Spending time outdoors can help to keep you healthy. What’s more is there’s nothing more satisfying than tucking into food you have grown at home. Display the flowers you planted from seed and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Retirement is there to be enjoyed, why not spend it doing something you love? Take up a new hobby, see the world, or do a little work now and again. The choice is yours!

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