Christian McCaffrey safe pick
Christian McCaffrey - RB, Stanford

Ranking these RB’s for the 2017 NFL Draft is extremely difficult. Especially after the outstanding combine and pre-draft workouts by some, namely Christian McCaffrey. There’s no denying the fact that Dalvin Cook had a spectacular college football career, but there are serious question marks about him that many are choosing to just flat out ignore. (Not coaches or GM’s)


Worries about Dalvin Cook:

Shoulder concerns

Many in the know at Florida State have repeatedly been concerned about shoulder problems on the 1 side that he was operated last year in the spring. His combine at the medical was huge for team’s diagnoses’ on him. It is most likely going to be one of those things that some teams approve with no concerns and others have more skepticism about. As you know, shoulder concerns are very similar to back concerns. Once you have 1 problem or surgery on them, that RARELY means the end of the problems. In fact, it is generally just the beginning.

Off the field concerns –

Dalvin Cook has been arrested multiple times in his career, granted he was acquitted, but still concerning. He was arrested for mistreatment of animals, battery and the issue with the BB gun. If that doesn’t raise some concerns for you, not sure what will. Could that be a pattern?

Pass protection, ball security and receiving concerns –

Everyone feels differently about these concerns and some aren’t as worried as I am. But I see serious concerns about Cook’s ability to hold up for 3 downs in pass protection. He looked so overmatched in the ACC in pass protection, just imagine him in the NFL. As far as a receiver, he has improved throughout his career. BUT he still has very questionable hands and drops far too many balls. His ball security issues with the ball are also a concern, leading the nation with the most amount of fumbles per touch.

Maybe I am blowing these issues up and making a bigger deal then they are. And…. I haven’t even mentioned Christian McCaffrey. The truth is Dalvin Cook is a more talented all-around football player than McCaffrey. BUT McCaffrey has 0 concerns. I think at the very least with McCaffrey your going to get a dynamic mismatch in the open field that can help you with 10-15 carries a game, outstanding special teams’ player and line up as a slot receiver.


I’m 100% confident that McCaffrey will be at the very least, a very solid NFL player. Cook certainly has a much higher upside, but….. there’s also the major concerns with Cook. McCaffrey might never be the 20-30 carry a game feature back for a team, but in actuality, how many teams in the NFL use an RB in that capacity anymore? Not many…

McCaffrey might be one of the best receiving RB’s we have ever seen. You can make the argument he’s a better WR then he is an RB, and that is rare for an RB. He’s the definition of smart, versatile, tough and nimble in the open field. His teammates and coaches do nothing but rave about his work ethic, leadership, and commitment to the game.

His pre-draft workouts, interviews, and IQ tests have all made him THAT much better an NFL prospect. So with that being said, if it’s your call, who are you drafting Dalvin Cook or Christian McCaffrey?

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