The Oakland Athletics allowed manager Bob Melvin to interview with the San Diego Padres.

Melvin has since accepted the Padres offer and signed a three-year deal. The A’s received no compensation for him leaving, yet it meant Christmas came early for the franchise as it was time for him to move on.

One of the main sources of frustration with Melvin for A’s fans was the inability to win big games. Even though he managed the team since June of 2011, excluding the 60 game 2020 season, Oakland lost in the divisional round twice and their last three trips to the postseason were lost in the wild card game.

Quite possibly the most disappointing ending to a season was in 2014. The A’s acquired Jon Lester to solidify their starting rotation and he got tapped to pitch the wild card game. While he struggled, he still managed to pitch 7.2 innings and left with the lead.

Unfortunately the bullpen could not come through and the A’s lost 9-8 to the Kansas City Royals in 12 innings. Wasting a huge game from Brandon Moss and quite possibly the most questionable decision of his career was to not use Adam Dunn as a pinch hitter.

It is also fitting that Melvin left after the 2021 season when Oakland’s bullpen was absolutely horrific. One the main reasons for this is that he tends to overuse certain relievers. Yusmeiro Petit is one of those examples.

Offensively though over the past three seasons the A’s biggest issue has been with runners in scoring position regardless of inning. One of the best examples of this was in 2021 Oakland hit a total of 199 home runs, yet 138 of those were solo shots and 61 were with runners on base.

This means that nearly 70 percent of the A’s home runs were of the solo variety and only 30 percent were with runners on base. One of the biggest criticisms from A’s fans with Melvin during 2021 was not firing hitting coach Darren Bush.

It is not to say that Melvin was not appreciated. He brought the organization back to respectability after the inexcusable hiring of Bob Geren. He is well-respected around baseball and genuinely cares about his players and those around him.

Overall with the A’s Melvin compiled a record of 853-764. He ranks second in franchise history in wins and winning percentage of managers who coached at least five seasons and he won American League Manager of the Year in 2012 and 2018.

To see what Melvin meant to the franchise here is a look at the reactions to him leaving.



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  1. Your take to blame Melvin is totally ridiculous. He’s one man, who arguably is A manager who took more input from the front office than any other front office in Baseball. Those decisions to platoon players, only use certain pitchers because the metrics said so, and had to win with arguably one of the most frequently turned over rosters was one of his main qualities. The other was the respect he garnered from all the players he managed.
    Christmas might have come early as you put it, but don’t be suprised if the only thing in the stocking is coal.

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