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Cleveland Browns: Help Get WR Josh Gordon to Pro Bowl


Before the 2013 season began, many questions floated across Cleveland Browns fans’ minds. Would the new faces in the upper brass turn the struggling franchise around unlike so many other regimes  could do before them? Would the Cleveland fan base embrace the second year quarterback Brandon Weeden and watch him lead the team to success under a highly successful Norv Turner offense? How would former Crimson Tide star, Trent Richardson fare in his second NFL season? And, would new Browns owner Jimmy Haslam dodge out of trouble with the rebate scandal from his Pilot Flying J monstrous company?
Not to fans liking, they have discovered that the answers to those questions are mostly negative. Orange-and-brown followers seem to be as confused as Cousin Eddie in the holiday hit movie, Christmas Vacation. Lost in all the hoopla is second year receiver and once troubled young man, Josh Gordon. So, what about Gordon?
Browns football has lacked that quality go-to star receiver since 2007. In Gordon, the Browns have discovered it again. Despite weak quarterback play through stretches of the season, Gordon has put up amazing numbers. Despite missing the first two games of the season, Gordon has carried this team on his back much like Richardson did in Pat Shurmur‘s high school football-like system.
So, why isn’t Gordon getting any love for a much deserved Pro Bowl birth? What Gordon has accomplished this season is nothing short of amazing. In eleven games with three different quarterbacks and facing the NFL’s best cornerbacks, Gordon has compiled 71 receptions and 1,400 yards with eight touchdowns. He has shattered a couple of records along the way too.
Against the Jacksonville Jaguars, “Flash” set a franchise record (twice) for yards in a single game with 261. In a the past four games, the 22-year-old has 684 yards and five touchdowns. Can you even imagine what his numbers could be if he didn’t miss the first two games due to suspension?
Still not convinced? Gordon is the first player in pro football history to have back-to-back games of 200 yards or more. Gordon is also on pace to break the NFL record that’s been held for 25 years of yards per reception in a single season.
In another dismal year where we find the Browns in a familiar place at 4-9, let’s get this kid the credit he deserves – help get him get recognition to the Pro Bowl and other nominations. As Browns diehards who hold one of the largest fan bases in all of sports, let’s find the positives about Cleveland and stop dwelling on the negatives. Gordon is not in the running from fan votes as of today. It’s time to step it up for him. Click on this link!
Just by simple math, if Gordon plays these final three games, he will finish with 1,800 yards, eleven touchdowns, and a staggering 20 yards per reception average. Help get Gordon the recognition he and this town deserves.

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