By Nikki Acuna

Nestled amongst the gorgeous Ohio landscape is a flourishing city teeming with history and buzzing with growth.

Conveniently located between the major cities of Chicago and New York, Cleveland offers an urban oasis without the big city drawbacks. The city’s renowned attractions like the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Museum of Contemporary Art, and West Side Market make it a great place to both visit and live. Culture and character make themselves known throughout the city and the passion that Clevelanders feel for their city is palpable.

Cleveland has seen its population surge in recent years. This is perhaps a result of young college grads turning from major metropoles to smaller-scale cities. The population growth could also be traced back to the promising economy, which has created jobs perfect for those college grads. Whatever the reason, this influx of youngsters combined with the city’s steadfast culture has created a unique mix of trend and tradition. While Cleveland’s streets are rooted deeply in its past, they also inspire an even brighter future – and the infectious energy is something you have to experience for yourself.

There is something for everyone in this Midwestern hub whether you’re into loud, proud musical talent or tranquil strolls through blooming botanical gardens. Christmas movie fans everywhere will be happy to learn that Cleveland is the location of A Christmas Story house, which is available for tours. History buffs will enjoy wandering the Towpath Trail. Animal lovers will gaze in awe at the beasts of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

With so many attractions, historical landmarks, and natural wonders, it can be overwhelming for visitors (and even residents) to decide what to do first – but fear not. Hard Rock Rocksino put together this list of sixteen Top Things to do in Cleveland to help guide your exploration.


Why We Rock: Top Things to do in Cleveland

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