Cody Rhodes Pro Wrestler
Cody Rhodes - Professional Wrestler

The WWE is the pinnacle of every wrestler’s career. Cody Rhodes doesn’t see it that way. After being granted his release from the company, he’s become one of the wrestling world’s top stars. It all culminated when he won the Ring of Honor Heavyweight Championship.

After being looked down upon, and thought of as a sideshow act in WWE, Rhodes has gone on to become one of the biggest names in the wrestling business. He’s become a staple in ROH, New Japan, Impact, and much more. Rhodes has become a superstar across the world.

In New Japan, Rhodes will face off for the promotion’s top title against one of its most recognizable stars, Okada. Nobody could have envisioned him at this position years ago. Seriously, who would have thought Rhodes would be headlining an event in Japan after he left WWE?

Now the Ring of Honor Champion, Rhodes can add the most prestigious belt of his career to a collection that includes a WWE Intercontinental title. Sure, it might have taken some time to get to the top of the mountain, but he’s not coming down anytime soon.

While not as charismatic as his father, Dusty Rhodes, Cody has become one of the world’s best heels, thanks in large part due to his inclusion into the Bullet Club. He’s become a worldwide phenomenon because of his allegiance to the faction. In fact, his Bullet Club t-shirt is now sold in Hot Topic stores across the country.

It’s impossible to predict what the future holds for Cody Rhodes. He’s already the Ring of Honor Champion, and could possibly become New Japan’s top star as well. It’s taken some time for Rhodes to establish himself outside of the WWE. Although, it appears he’s finally settled into life after Vince McMahon, and he’s much better off for it.

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