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College Football: Notre Dame, LSU, and Oklahoma are proof that rankings mean nothing

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The first weekend of college football is one big game from officially ending and to say there was some exciting moments would be an understatement of sorts. Here’s what makes CFB so interesting too many. It’s almost as if the entire season is an elimination process, if you happen to lose that ONE game, that could easily mean the end of your title hopes.

But, as great and exciting as that is, the system is still not without its flaws. The biggest one is rankings. How can you give a team a title shot before a single game is played and that’s pretty much what these rankings are doing? What you’re saying to the world is that WE expect Alabama to win the Championship so that we will put them first. But what about the lowly University tucked away in a small population is Alaska somewhere? Case in point, who’s to say that the Texas Longhorns were 3.5 points underdogs against the 10th ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish, a computer or panel of politicians?

Ask LSU if their #5 ranking means anything to them as they head home after a so-called upset against an unranked Wisconsin team? Rankings are about money; that is often given out to the bigger schools, almost providing them a shot at either a National Championship or a large Bowl Game with an even larger payoff to the university.

The first weekend gave another reason to stop with the rankings. How can LSU look at themselves in the mirror after their embarrassing defeat, Notre Dame after what happened at the hands of Texas, or Oklahoma after they took one on the chin against Houston? But here is where college football must be fixed. Those same teams that lost their first game will still somehow manage to be there in the end. See, when you’re that high up, and you lose, to an unranked, the system still awards you, sort of.

The system will still find a way to keep them ranked, but how is that fair? If you lose to unranked, then you were not worthy of being ranked, to begin with. The team that beat you should take your spot and you theirs. The system is set up where the powerhouses get all the love. Ask Boise State how they fell about rankings.

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