People find difficulties in solving usual electrical problems that have easy resolutions, with some basic knowledge. Brisbane has some of the best electrical solutions incorporated into the housing that might be a little confusing to understand without help. An electrician in Brisbane has the best solutions to every problem in the safest ways. Since Brisbane is one of the most flourishing areas, one cannot afford to have electrical problems in any situation. Here are some common electrical problems along with solutions.


Electrical surges are mostly unrecognised by the mass. Surges are sudden increases or decreases in the electricity supplied to the house. This sudden spike can result in damage to appliances since it can cause the item to receive varying currents. Most appliances cannot handle such spikes, resulting in sparks or disasters that can destroy the product or limit its life range.

Many such spikes occur due to poor or incorrect wiring practices. One can fix these problems themselves since they are not very complicated. If problems persist after maximum efforts, call an electrician. An electrician in Brisbane faces such problems regularly due to the voltage spiking that occurs very naturally in this place. Most times, electricians recommend stabilisers to solve such issues.


When current surges or an appliance takes up more electricity than it should, a trip takes place. This trip is observed in the power box or the main power grip that has handle-like switches. On such occurrences of spiking of power, some appliances in the house can shut down, if not all. Check the main power box if the power cuts off abruptly.

If one or more drips have dropped down, move them up and check if the appliances work. If not, then contact an electrician for further help on the issue. Sometimes, a power drip or power sagging can also occur if one uses cheap elements while making the appliance that extracts current.

Running out of power for bulbs:

Light bulbs have long lives. If one observes that they are running out faster than they should, it could be because of electrical problems within the house. This problem exists due to poor wiring that is also the reason for flickering lights. Poor wiring also dims the light and reduces the amount of power the bulb should release, resulting in burnout.

It could also occur if an appliance requiring more wattage is fixed to a socket that cannot extract much. This fact results in poor sucking of energy which can burn out the bulb much faster. Check the bulbs for their wattage before purchase and attach them wherever instructed. Most bulbs that are available in the market suit every socket in the house meant for lights.


When too much current passes onto an appliance when it is not required, overloading happens. This overloading can cause sparks or heating that can result in disasters like the blasting of bulbs. Appliances are also in danger of catching fire if not connected to a socket that provides appropriate current. Brisbane has recently faced overload situations leading to damage of appliances quite usually.

Check for the wattage of any electrical product before purchase to ensure it suits the sockets. Only connect them where they can work properly. If the problem persists, an electrician can help fix the problem accurately.

More such problems occur daily. One needs to be aware of them and take safety measures before attending to them. Wear gloves and use safe tools if operating deep into the wiring of the house. Do not use materials that conduct electricity since they can cause shocks. Ensure that there is no water around while fixing electrical issues since it can cause sparks and cause many damages.







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