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Mike D’Abate from Full press Coverage joined the Snowman on the Friday show to preview the AFC and NFC Conference Championships.

Who has the most pressure to get their team to the Super Bowl? Is it Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers?

Many more questions to follow. Of course there’s the “yeah but” questions when it comes to the 49ers. That’s okay. Just more motivation for San Francisco and for Tennessee as well.

What people don’t realize is that for the 49ers, for the first time since Week 6, they are HEALTHY. Kwon Alexander has returned, Dee Ford has returned. The depth has returned. And so has the ferocity. Not to say that the 49ers D was not ferocious all season, but they were definitely missing some pieces and you can tell because the 49ers were giving up 24 plus points in their last five games.

Derrick Henry is the reason Tennessee is in the AFC Championship game. He has no less that 180 yards in every game since Week 17 including 195 at #1 seed Baltimore.

Listen to our conversation and let us know what you think!

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