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Various Horse racing organizations have now started announcing about the cancellation of various horse racing events because of spread of coronavirus. They have also mentioned that there is nothing which is more important as compared to the health as well as the safety of our equine as well as the human athletes, and also nothing impacts the safety and health more than different policies as well as procedures concerning the drugs. Such kind of the indictments show that current or the recent system of 38 state with the racing jurisdictions, each of them with the regulatory body, with the laws as well as regulations, is completely inadequate. If you wish to get a better understanding about how you can bet on Horse racing you can check aquí.

The NYTB also known as New York Thoroughbred Breeders has also cancelled organization’s champion award of New York-Bred Divisional Banquet because of the concerns about Coronavirus also medically known as COVID-19.

The event, when the NYTB has planned to crown New York-Bred Horse of 2019, divisional champions as well as the human honorees, it was scheduled originally to take place on evening of 06 April 2020, Monday, at Saratoga National Golf Club located in New York.

This decision was also much prompted by the latest and the current guidance from the federal as well as the state authorities about the limiting huge set of the gatherings, suggestions for the “social distancing,” as well as concern for various different members of Horse Racing community.

Historically it is known to be a convivial as well as the sold-out event. Guests collect from up as well as from the down east coast and even far beyond. Prospective set of the attendees as well as honorees have even expressed related concerns about their travel during such kind of Coronavirus pandemic.

We also have realized that such kind of the horse racing cancellation is certainly a true disappointment, particularly for different set of the connections of divisional nominee championship. It is even is a proper set of disappointment for NYTB. Such kind of celebration of racetrack achievements of NYTB New York Thoroughbred Breeding as well as the Racing Program is certainly a high point in the yearly calendar. These are, on the other hand, extraordinary and additional circumstances and also need to simply protect all the members of the community is certainly quite huge and paramount.

The New York Thoroughbred Breeding will publicly help to announce the Horse of the Year 2019, divisional winners as well as the human honorees on the 6th April as it was planned. The program along with the video presentation for this event is recently under production. After 6th April we will also be able to mail the commemorative program to various members as well as also release this video presentation on the website as well as on various channels of social media. NYTB is now contacting with the individual attendees about the earlier or planned reservations.

The ARCI which was scheduled from 07th April 2020 till 10th April 2020 in the New Orleans, USA is also getting cancelled as the result of public health concerns that are associated with spreading of the huge virus known as coronavirus COVID-19.

Also, the California Horse Racing Board has also cancelled the horse racing that was based on the suggestions or the recommendations from the Office of Governor Newsom and officials of California public health, the board meeting of California Horse Racing was scheduled on 19th March at Cal Expo also got cancelled. Details of next meeting will also simply follow. The rules and the regulations are being properly followed and proper cancelations are also being done.

It is well said and quite true that there is nothing that is known to be more important than health as well as the safety of the equine as well as human athletes, also there is nothing that actually impact the health as well as safety that is quite more than policies and also the procedures about the concerning drugs. Such kind of the indictments show that current and recent system of 38 state of the racing jurisdictions, everyone with their own set of the regulatory body, laws as well as regulations, is completely inadequate.

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