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If you have ever struggled to find the perfect gift for that special person in your life, consider giving a gift that will not only show that you put some thought into their gift, but that will also touch at something that is important to them; something that will bring joy to their life. gift supplier Milly & Henry says “When you are searching for a gift for a food lover, a beautiful gift basket can be an excellent idea and you can rest assured that it will be a gift that will always be appreciated.” The foodie is typically interested in a wide range of food related products, so even if it’s something they’ve never tried before, chances are very good that your gift will be met with much enthusiasm.

Make Your Own Gift Basket

While there are certainly companies that offer lovely gift hampers designed for all types of interests, including hampers aimed at those who enjoy cooking or trying new foods, you might want to consider making your own gift basket. When you create your own basket, you’ll be able to choose the specific items that you would like to include, this gives you much more flexibility in being able to customize the gift to suit the interests and personality of your gift recipient. You might also be surprised to discover that finding each item and personalizing the gift hamper is something that can be very enjoyable and selecting from the wide number of options available will allow you to create a gift that is unique for your specific gift giving needs.

Some things to consider when creating a food basket include your budget as well as the interests of the person you plan to give the basket to. You might also want to choose a specific theme in order to ensure the gift is a bit more connected or organized. Instead of a hodgepodge of different items with no real connection to one another, a grouping of items that fall within a particular theme can bring some added interest to your gift. For example, if your gift recipient loves to fire up the grill and enjoy a backyard BBQ on the weekend, then you might want to focus on a variety of BBQ tools, sauces or even wood chips or pellets. However, if your gift recipient likes to bake, maybe a special muffin tin, edible glitter or flavored extracts would be more appropriate.

Of course, gift baskets centered on enjoying various coffees, chocolates or an assortment of delicacies can also make exceptional gifts for just about anyone, especially a foodie.

Pick the Items for Your Basket

Finding the perfect items for your foodie gift basket will be easy. Whether you shop at the local gourmet store or specialty shop, or you pick up items from your local grocery store, your options are abundant. You can stick strictly with food items, but you can also include accessories related to your basket’s theme. For example, if you’re giving an assortment of coffees or teas, a nice mug, tea cozy or French press can be wonderful additions for your gift basket. Perhaps you’ve put together a basket filled with items to make a gourmet dish, include the recipe as well as an apron, or kitchen timer. Whatever fits your budget as well as the theme of your basket.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to create wonderful gift hampers that will delight anyone on your gift list. Set a budget and you’ll easily find items that will keep your finances in order as well as create a beautiful gift.

Foodie Gifts That Aren’t Food

Of course, just because you’re creating a lovely gift basket for someone who loves food or enjoys cooking doesn’t mean you have to actually include food. You might want to consider a basket that includes a great cookbook, cooking utensils like a pasta server or specialty spices that can be used in some of the dishes. A wonderful Italian cookbook might go well with a beautiful pasta bowl, olive oil or some kitchen towels, place mats or cloth napkins. Whatever you choose for your gift basket, you can be sure that it will get used and will be enjoyed.

Presentation is Important

Lastly, once you’ve acquired the items that you want to include in your gift basket, it’s important to consider how to best package these things in an attractive manner. If you have small items, a basket or decorative box can be excellent options. However, if your gift includes larger items or you have several things that will be included, you might want to consider using shrink wrap to keep everything looking organized and appealing. You can decorate a sturdy box for the base or purchase a basket. Set the arrangement in the middle of a large sheet of shrink wrap, gather the wrap up around your gift, then tie it off with a rubber band or piece of string. The next part can be tricky, so use care, especially if you have included items that are heat sensitive, such as chocolate. Using a hair dryer set on low, carefully go around the basket allowing the shrink wrap to form around the base, then work your way up to the top.

Once your basket is all enclosed in the shrink wrap, pick a pretty bow for the top and your gift will be ready for giving!

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