Create a Vision Board for Your Ideal Life

Have you heard about the power of a vision board and would like to learn how to make one?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

A vision board is something you create using words and pictures. What you put on your board resembles your dreams and goals for the future.

To put one together, pick up a board from a supplier. Or, you can make your own with a poster or corkboard.

A vision board is meaningful because it motivates you to follow your dreams. Looking at it in your apartment can remind you of them daily.

Even though it sounds cliche, a vision board encourages you to envision your future. You see your goals as if they have already come true!

The more you look over your purposes for life and apply them, the quicker your dreams will come true.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you make your vision board:

1. Create a List of Goals

To create a vision board, first, you need to know what your goals are.

Take time to think about and write down what you envision for your future.

You may want to get a promotion in a year or run a half marathon in six months. If you know what you’d like to accomplish, that’s the first step to creating your board!

And if you don’t have a lot of goals right now, think about what motivates you. Maybe it’s time to pick up a new hobby or improve your finances.

There’s always room for growth, and your objectives don’t have to be something significant. Hey, even smaller dreams count!

As you select goals, consider setting a time frame to accomplish them. The time frame can change later, but it’s at least a good idea to have one in mind.

2. Narrow Down Priorities

After making a list of goals, review your notes and thoughts.

If you happen to have a long list of aspirations (go you!), figure out your priorities.

Based on your goal timeframe, narrow down your list.

It may be hard to shorten it, but think about which targets are more feasible. And, only include your most momentous aspirations.

You might have objectives in mind for years down the road. Since you can’t possibly include everything on the board, keep a few off for now.

3. Add Inspiration

It may seem obvious to put inspiring things on your vision board.

Even so, what you display should be highlights of things you don’t mind seeing every day.

So, select sayings, quotes, and photos that will inspire you to envision your future. These positive clippings should also encourage you to follow through with your goals.

If one of your purposes is to get a cute pet (hey, that can be a goal!), have a picture of the type of dog breed you want.

Not only will a dream pet be something sweet to look at, but it’ll remind you to work hard.

You want to do everything in your power to create a happy home for a future furry friend!

4. Use Positive Words

Of course, having stuff on your board that reinforces your vision is essential.

But, you should also include words! The words you select should describe how you want to feel now and in the future.

Examples of positive words are powerful, strong, joyful, and financially free. Seeing these words regularly will trigger positive feelings.

And, the more you see the words and repeat them to yourself, the more likely you are to follow through.

After seeing ”financially free” so many times, how can you not want to get your finances in order?

5. Give Yourself Time

Putting together a vision board is a lot of fun! But, it can be time-consuming. That’s why when you do put it together, carve out enough time.

The last thing you want to do is give yourself a time limit to get it done. Now, it shouldn’t take all day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take your time doing it.

Assemble it in a stress-free environment without a deadline. You need time and space to get it done.

It’s vital to be able to think so you can have fun coming up with an incredible vision board!

6. Find the Perfect Place for It

After completing your vision board (nice work!), display it somewhere where you’ll see it.

It’ll be hard to stay inspired if you put it somewhere out of sight! Then the saying “out of sight out of mind” might come true!

Put it somewhere out in the open, unless what’s on the board is too personal.

If it’s a private vision board, placing it in your bedroom might be best. That way, you can still see it, but not everyone is privy to it.

Hang it up in a more prominent place if you’re okay with visitors seeing it. An excellent spot is your office area so that you can reflect on your ideal life more often.

Or you could put it near your entryway. As you leave and enter your apartment, it will remind you of your goals every time!

7. Contemplate the Final Product

After you complete and hang up your board — don’t forget about it!

When you put it in a spot that you see more often, you’ll be more likely to study it.

To ensure it doesn’t get ignored, make time to “meet” with it regularly.

Spend time with it daily so you can visualize and internalize your goals!

In Conclusion

Doesn’t creating a vision board sound like a lot of fun? Whether you’re creative or not, doing this project yields excellent results.

You’ll learn more about yourself. And, you’ll figure out what some of your most important goals are for your future.

Making your dreams come to life on a vision board is one step closer to making them a reality in your life.

Get excited after completing your vision board. It took time and careful consideration. You should be proud to display it in your apartment!

As you see it daily, it’ll encourage you to keep pushing forward until you meet your goals. Take one step at a time, and you’ll be there before you know it!

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