The world of Bingo has become increasingly fast-paced and exciting over the years, so hurry up and play online Bingo here: before it’s too late!

The Cash Cubes Bingo game is a unique 36-ball variant of the well-loved classic. The game consists of one ticket including 12 numbers. The ticket is made up of four squares joined by trapezoids which contain the, hopefully lucky, numbers. When a ball is called that matches with a number on your ticket, then the section which holds that number will automatically be highlighted in yellow.

The Cash Cubes game features an intricate network of progressive jackpots. The object of the game is essentially to collect as many of the four cubes from your ticket as possible, in order to build up your collection for when you reach the feature.

There are four different ticket prices available for this game, depending on stake levels, being most distinguishable by their different coloured cubes.

The prizes that are offered in each Bingo game are the minimum guaranteed amount that can be won; the actual prize that will be collected is determined by the number of tickets purchased per game as, like most jackpot-centric games, a percentage of each ticket bought is brought together to equal the final winnings. The more tickets that are purchased, the bigger the prize will be!

There is a small selection of prizes available to be won in this game, the first being for the player who is first to break their squares and release all four cubes from their ticket, winning the Four Cubes prize. All players who have bought a virtual ticket for the game can also win a share of the Cash Cubes Jackpot prize, and are also eligible for the Cubes Collection prize, if 50 cubes of the same colour are collected.

Two or more players can also win/share any of the prizes if they meet the necessary criteria. In this scenario, the total prize will be split proportionally in regards to the stake placed by each player. So, the more that you stake, the more that you can win back! Even if a player has already won the Four Cubes prize then they are still eligible to win a share of the Cash Cubes Jackpot prize and the Collection prize – so multiple wins are up for grabs!

As previously mentioned, the Cash Cubes game features a Cubes Collection section where players need to collect 50 cubes in order to win a bonus prize. One collection cube will be gained per shattered cube on the Bingo ticket. There are four different prizes up for grabs depending on what colour cubes have been collected. The winnings from the cubes Collection prize will then go toward the Cash Cubes Bingo Bonus.

To collect more cubes within the game, you simply have to keep playing! And, if the number of cubes that you have collected overtakes a total of 50 by the end of the feature, then any additional cubes will then be rolled over to your next turn. As your game ends, the screen will be taken over by an entertaining and vibrant animation, your progress having been recorded and brought together.

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