In recent years a name has been expanding and emerging like wildfires in various fields such as sports, social media, entrepreneurship and dentistry. Also known as Ali AlSaqoby, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is one of the finest talents if not the most talented in his region, Sciencetimes has referred to him as the “Most intelligent and most talented man in the middle east”.

Many other known international publications had highlighted his outstanding story and superior talents serving as a global inspiration for many individuals that are aspiring, to succeed greatly.

What separates him from others and declares him as a highly courageous soul is while pursuing his multiple career paths, he has never allowed himself to lose command of any of his fields.

In fact, creating achievements both local and world class in every field he sets his foot to. Juggling between being a professional athlete as a soccer freestyler, highly sought-after dentist and social media influencer is a solid proof.

Former dental school scholarship holder that performed flawlessly worldwide as a top-class athlete.

Born in Kuwait, the gifted young man had extraordinary academics and athletics that made the Kuwaiti government invest on him to study abroad for the degree of his choice. He was already a soccer freestyle player but he did not give up his professional career as a competitor and world class performer. In fact, he utilized his perfect organization and time management skills to shuffle between attending dentistry lectures, doing exams, seeing patients and travelling the world to make incredible soccer skills performances!

One of his prominent soccer skills shows had graced numerous news outlets from interviews to documentaries highlighting his flawless shows, that gathered thousands of people to his performing venue.

He got awarded as one of the most influential characters in the world largest expo and journalists, showered him with praises and referred to him as “The talent that exceeded all expectations”.

Shortly after, the talented youth successfully graduated from Leeds university holding a Masters of dental surgery with an award, as the second most talented dental student in the United Kingdom.

The talented doctor managed to have more time for social media after completing his studies, where his fame in the other world has caught up tremendously holding up to 500K followers combined across all his official social media platforms, his very good-looking features and positive attitude with no doubt had facilitated this milestone!

His lifestyle that he displays to the world of managing to shuffle between careers, professions, interests and hobbies flawlessly has inspired many believers to which he is serving as an apt role model.

Leading fully certified dentist and Kuwait freestyle president.

Currently he is a fully certified dentist giving back to the community as being affiliated with ministry of health, where he skillfully cares for his patients and mentoring new generation dentists in such a young age! His athletic journey is in a constant rise as he is establishing a strong name for sports in Kuwait, taking charge of soccer freestyle as being appointed by the world federation due to his almost two decades of expertise within t

If we talk of his latest events, he organized the renowned RedBull Streetstyle competition and also served as a judge in the event. Soon, he is going to release his new book that will about freestyle soccer, he has not disclosed anything about his upcoming book apart from it having a section dedicated to entrepreneurship. No further details are required to conclude that it is going to be a masterpiece, coming from a world class athlete that also happens to be an entrepreneur to watch in 2021 according to International Business Times! Check him out to be inspired and motivated!

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