You’ve heard of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency taking over the world, especially the world of online gambling. Developers are working to decentralize financial exchanges to create a new anonymity among users that allows for extreme purchasing freedom.

And you’ve probably heard of online casinos creating a whole new experience for users looking to make a big profit for their small input. Despite the location restrictions, online game play can bring individuals from a wide variety of cultures together. Spending hours trying to beat the house can now be done from the comfort of your couch. Of course the magic environment of the live casino may never dim, but the convenience of online gambling is definitely appealing to many in the game.

You may not, however, have heard of The Wheel of Bitcoin, a site designated to allot random numbers of bitcoin to users who choose to risk spinning the wheel. The game tests your luck, and you have the chance to win “free” money electronically. It depends on who you ask whether or not this wheel of risk is worth it – some will say yes while some are a little more skeptical.

Much like a slot machine, a user puts in a certain amount of bitcoins to play the game. The wheel spins and lands on a number of bitcoin that is awarded to the winner (or loser, in some cases). As with any game, there is a chance for loss, and everything depends on the random algorithms of the site. Some of the advantages to this game are the speed of play and the randomness of the selections of victory. Because it is so easy to play and so quick to begin again, you have the chance to win big. That also opens the door for ease of loss – the simpler a game is, the more tempting it is to try “just one more time.” One chance to win turns into seven, eight, one hundred rounds.

There are several options for using a wheel of bitcoin, all of which can be researched more thoroughly across the internet. Keep in mind that different sites may use different exchange rates, so your money may be worth more or less at one site than it is worth at another.

Visually, the game looks quite a bit like the big wheels you spin at the fairgrounds as a kid. Colorful, lights around the outside – but this wheel of fun can get you the money you need for the real world. Need some new shoes? Spin a few times and you’re good to go. And since bitcoin is untraceable, users have the freedom to spend on anything. The wheel is random and easy and gives you the potential to live with more freedom.

When spinning the wheel, riches are one click away – but never forget the risks (winning nothing and wasting bitcoin). Weigh your potential for win against the possibility of loss, just as you would with any financial decision.

And, as always, play responsibly!

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