It’s no surprise that even the most famous athletes use cannabis from time to time. Cannabis and athletics have a long history and we’ll talk about some of the most logical and rational reasons why some of your favorite athletes use pot.

Meditation: If you’re a professional athlete, an upcoming match will always be a big deal which could sometimes be a stressful period for these pros. As an example, contact sports athletes plan a 6 to an 8-week regimen, some even do 12 weeks of training to prepare for a fight and the amount of pressure building up before a match can sometimes take its toll on some of our professional contact sports professionals.

Pre-game anxiety will always be an athlete’s first obstacle and a little dose of THC can help them get by.

One of the best means of cannabis consumption to shoot a friendly dose of THC to your system is by using cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are some of the most potent forms of cannabis by-products and a little dab will help you go a long way. If you’re not a regular consumer or a fan of smoking weed and if you’re simply in it because of its calming and soothing upshots, then a wax vaporizer will be your best option.

Simply put a dab of wax onto your vaporizer and let the vaporizer do its trick. Vaporizers are best for health-conscious consumers as well as athletes who are all the more cautious of whatever they put inside their bodies.

Vaporizers will help you eliminate the risks of inhaling combusted material which will otherwise cause potential harm and irritation to an athlete’s respiratory system – and we all know how important “gas” is for an athlete.

When others turn to yoga for pre-game meditation, some of them prefer to use cannabis for their pre-game medication.

Pain Management: When your job requires you to always push yourself to go beyond your limits, your body will always be subjected to demanding training and strict workout programs.

At some point, if you’re really focused on achieving your goal, you’re going to hear your body say “no more” while your mental will say “keep going.” Some athletes use cannabis to manage pain and aid recovery in between training sessions, lest they get injured at a sparring match or if they sprain their ankles during practice.

Cannabis has two primary cannabinoids — “a diverse chemical compound that alters neurotransmitter release in the brain” — CBD and THC. Cannabidiol, colloquially known as CBD is the curative cannabinoid of the cannabis plant. It has been known to treat pain and swelling in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) and arthritis.

It’s also used to treat sciatic nerve pain and inflammation amongst many other medical condition cannabis can cure.

For athletes, cannabis can be used to manage pain after training as well as muscle spasms as CBD in cannabis is known as a remarkable natural muscle relaxant. Professionals and amateurs prefer cannabis as a means to manage pain since the synthetic method of popping pills can damage the liver should they use it over time.

If you’re an athlete in need of cannabis treatment, be sure to look for some of the Best Dab Pens For Sale since they make an easy, straightforward means of high CBD cannabis strain administration even while you’re on training. They’re easy to carry and are affordable.

Improving Your Mental: When you’re performing at the highest level, your mental is as important as your physique. Your body will give up on you once it’s reached its limit but your mental will allow you to pilot your body and push yourself further once it runs out of gas.

Cannabis has been known to improve an athlete’s mental game. Just like how THC helps athletes manage pre-game anxiety, it can also improve their mental focus both inside and outside of the game. By eliminating the athlete’s inhibitions, one can easily concentrate and put emphasis on their goal and not on whatever distraction which lay ahead that winning path. It helps players and athletes get in the “zone.”

Cannabis not only improves the mental game of those who compete in popular physical sports. I’ve seen people compete in competitive trading card games (TCGs) as well as other competitive e-sports like those massive online multiplayer games who turn to cannabis to improve their overall focus allowing them to take on the game with extreme precision and remarkable skill.

Enhance Endurance: Surprise, surprise! In the world of endurance racing, cannabis is the number one choice of marathon participants who look to naturally improve their endurance. Have you ever heard of “runner’s high?” It’s when the endorphins start to kick in after you’ve reached a certain level of physical intensity that running, swimming, and biking starts to feel slightly less painful.

Participating and training for a marathon isn’t exactly just like your casual walk or a jog in the park, people go to extreme preparation to succeed in their athletic ventures.

Using cannabis can induce that runner’s high since cannabinoids THC and CBD promotes the proliferation and generation of these endorphins which you’d naturally get from exercising. A little boost from cannabis promotes the rapid increase of these hormones so you’d easily experience this euphoric and athletic high which allows you to endure more pain than what your body could normally tolerate.

One of the best ways to include cannabis into your pre and post-game fitness regimen is to use vaporizers like the Yocan Evolve Plus XL vaporizer.

In Closing: Cannabis plays a huge role in the development of an athlete. Apart from improving their mental and physical capabilities, cannabis can also promote socialization and camaraderie amongst teammates. Cannabis is made for sharing, and after a few solid sessions team come out bonded stronger than ever.

Teams and athletes can even celebrate their victories with cannabis, vaping weed is better than getting wasted with alcohol. No risky hangovers, no potential damage to the liver, just pure natural ecstasy.

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