Bingo has developed in many ways throughout the years. We’ve enjoyed heading out to a Bingo hall on a Saturday night, or playing a quick game at home. A lot of people now play Bingo games online, at Bingo slots site like Paddy Power, although there are many new ways to enjoy the popular pastime.

With the decline of Bingo halls and people playing the traditional game, many advocates of Bingo have seen this as a chance to revamp it. After bringing new ideas to the game, Bingo has caught a new wave in popularity with many ways to enjoy it. Let’s take a look at some of these new Bingo games sweeping the nation.

Swap Bingo

Traditional Bingo has several different games to enjoy, whether that’s 75-ball or 90-ball, but Swap Bingo is a great way to keep the traditional game and inject some fun. Using the original idea of playing on a grid with numbers, you cross off whichever number is called out.

Sounds normal right? But with Swap Bingo, you exchange your grid with the person next to you halfway through the game. Not only does this mix things up, but it also makes it very exciting or frustrating, depending on whether you get a good trade or not. Of course, you would have to sign up to this plot twist before playing, especially if it’s for real money.

Dancing Bingo

There are a couple of different ways to enjoy Dancing Bingo. In most cases, the hosts of the event will go through a game in the traditional way. But when you win a line or a house, it doesn’t win you the final prize. Instead, it invites you onto the stage for a dance-off. The winner of the dance-off is the person who walks away with the grand prize for the night.

Another way to enjoy Dancing Bingo is to have a performer on stage. They perform different styles of dance and then you mark it on your sheet. Let’s be honest though, a dance-off on stage seems like a more enjoyable experience.

Musical Bingo

This new type of Bingo is one of the most common to find in bars at the weekend. Instead of listening out for your number on the grid, you’re listening out for a song. The songs are often classics that everybody knows and loves to sing along to. You’ll find playing this type of Bingo is the opposite of your usual silent hall.

Film Bingo

A great form of Bingo for those who love nothing better than a trip to the cinema, but Film Bingo can also be quite challenging. When playing this particular variation, all players must have a clear view of a TV screen or the images on show. Each clip or image shows a scene from a film then once you recognise the scene, you cross it off your grid.

You might notice a classic scene such as Forrest Gump running across America, or it might be something less familiar such as during Titanic when Jack is playing a card game in his opening scene.

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