Home Décor: How to Modernize Your Pool Area

There’s nothing like a nice, cool swimming pool on a sweltering summer day. So, come on in, the water’s fine! It’s the area surrounding the pool that could use some work. So let’s pool our resources, such a pool renovation from Willsha, and see what we can do to modernize.

The cost of remodeling a pool and the surrounding area averages $8,100 and can run anywhere from $4,000 to more than $11,000. It all depends on needed repairs and the extras on your wish list. Let’s start by separating the needs from the wants.


A pool is a luxury, but once you’ve invested in one, certain maintenance items become necessities. Some upgrades are worth the money since they’ll expand the life of your pool.



New ceramic floor tiles can brighten up the pool, especially as you look through glimmering, reflective water. With an infinity of colors, mosaic appliques, patterns, and sizes available, the design possibilities are endless!


It’s that framing around the pool edge that leads into the decking area. Some pools have it, some do not. You can update this border with brick, flagstone, marble or natural stones.


Interior Upgrade

When the flooring and sides get worn out or deteriorate, it’s time for new plaster. Consider slip-resistant material.


Newer, more energy-efficient, and cost-effective heaters are available. Look at natural gas-powered, solar, and heat pump options. Solar pool covers retain heat and raise the water temperature, and they can work with in-ground and above-ground pools such as an Intex or Bestway.


Newer models don’t suck up as much electricity, especially if the one you have now runs at a single speed. Variable-speed pumps do more work for less money.


Advanced sanitizing systems are now available, so you don’t need to rely on chlorine. Determine if you can turn your pool into a saltwater system, or use an ozone generator, which cleans bacteria, algae, sunscreen, and other contaminants.

Want This!

While not necessary, these great extras make pool season extra-fun.

Waterfalls, Rock Sculptures, Fountains, Coves

These are attractive center and side pieces for pools that see more playing and splashing than actual swimming.

Slides and diving boards



Wouldn’t it be great to say “Alexa, turn on the pool pump?” Smart technology for pool automation saves you a lot of time and hassle. Imagine using a tabletop remote, mobile device or smartphone to manage heating, lighting, filters, and water features.

LED lighting

These energy-efficient and bright luminaries add color to your backyard pool area, and they can dress up the landscaping, too. There are plenty of solar options for outdoor lighting as well.

Swim-up bar

If you use your pool for entertaining, why not add this highbrow amenity? Keep it stocked with the basics, or go all out with a minifridge and top-line spirits. Just make sure to use plastic cups and bottles. The last thing you want in the pool area is broken glass.


What Else?


Modernizing the pool area isn’t just about the pool itself. The deck,fencing, and patio also enter the big picture. The right landscaping is crucial. You want plants and trees that can tolerate the chlorine or salt water. You also want to avoid trees that will drop leaves into the pool. Japanese Maples, Palm Trees, and Floss Silk Trees are all great options.

Japanese Maple Tree, courtesy of Wikilawn.com

Need to work or catch-up on emails while lounging at the pool? Add WiFi capabilities to the yard and around the pool.

The deck, patio, and fencing could use a reboot, especially if they consist of old rotting wood and broken concrete. Stone masonry, natural pavers, and outdoor carpeting can spruce things up. Check out your local home improvement store for options. You might also consider a changing room, snack bar or outdoor restroom and shower. Any of these will cut down on wet-bathing suit traffic traipsing into the house.

In hotter climates, insects, especially along the Gulf Coast, can really bug pool lovers. Add a screen room or glass enclosure over the patio or the pool itself. Some of these glass frames also provide protection from intense sun rays.

Getting Started

Determining a budget and design comes first. Then choose pool company professionals who can give you more detailed information about the ideas you have in mind. They’ll tell you whether your plan is feasible, and what it might cost to implement. Keep in mind, some upgrades look great on paper, but won’t hold water when it comes to setting up your pool for the summer. The house and property layout, drainage, and plumbing are the ultimate factors.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just dip your toe in the water. DIve in and make your pool area the oasis it was meant to be.

Lucy Crawford is a home design and DIY writer, and lover of herbal tea. With her busy hands, she is always challenging herself with a new DIY project. She enjoys designing spaces where she can relax and enjoy a good book.


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