Not every aspiring food truck owner has a stash of cash dedicated to his kitchen; there is a fair chance that after spending an awful amount on the truck alone you would not have an ideal amount for your kitchen.

However you must never underestimate the importance of a food truck kitchen, basically the four wheels of your truck are there to carry your kitchen, so buckle up as you are in for a wild ride. This article is a gold mine for future food truck owners as the tips stated in this article about setting up a mobile kitchen are unique and inexpensive, unlike any other thing you will find on internet.

The first step is planning, as you would need to list down all the menu items and describe in detail how you are going to store and prepare the food. Storage space is as important as the main arena, therefore you need to be clear about your requirements.

Without a proper menu you would end up spending ridiculous amounts on kitchen utensils and equipment. Therefore it is advised that you prepare the list of all menu items and then decide which equipment would be required for a particular item.

Prepare a comprehensive list of required kitchen equipment along with their measurements and make, so that once you enter the shop you know exactly what you are looking for. While purchasing kitchen equipment, remember that each item must align with the local health codes, ignoring this point could create problems for you in near future.

Secondly while designing or re-designing the kitchen, don’t forget about electric sockets and gas points. Your food preparation counter surface will decide the real dimensions of your kitchen.

How to organize your kitchen?

Makes special notes for service windows, doorways and exhaust outlets, this all stuff might seem a bit trivial but beware these things are crucial for the health of your truck. Ergonomics plays a key role in kitchen design and hence you must pay special attention to the comfort of your staff.

Kitchen must have ample space for staff to roam around freely with hot cauldrons, while designing your kitchen give comfort the top priority. Remember your employees would be spending hours in a tiny kitchenette, so they should not feel crammed in a tiny space, as that would greatly influence their efficiency.

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Lastly you need to get a license from the local health authorities and for that you might need to re-model your kitchen, so don’t be annoyed as those changes are for your own good. If all of this seems a fuss and you feel overwhelmed then instead of trying your own hand at designing, you must hire a professional architect, who could help you out with your kitchen design.

Still however you cannot leave everything to architects; you need to convey your vision to the professional who would then materialize it. At the end of the day it boils down to utilization of space, you could find tons of designs on internet but not each design could cater your needs.

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