There’s nothing more fun than hosting a party and seeing all your friends come together in a single place. Hospitality is an easy task for some and others it is not. But how do you plan a perfect party? There is much more that goes into the planning besides the menu. If you a small get together coming up maybe it’s a family get together or a friend’s reunion, all you want is to be well prepared. Though you carry out plenty of task in the task, your home must be ready. Here are a few tips to host a perfect party.

Write Down Your Plan

A successful party always has a plan and, and the best party planner Singapore can help you with one. Sit down and, write your plan as to who all will be in your guest list and how many members would attend. Write down the menu if it’s going to be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Also, make sure to include accommodations in your planning. Make a bulleted list of task that you want to complete like cleaning, decorating, repairing, etc. from the top priority. In this way, you can make it to the end of the list and make it a success.

House Cleaning

One of the top priority of hosting a party at home is cleaning your home. Cleaning doesn’t mean, you have to clean your entire home for a party. You can consider important areas where people would be gathering like the kitchen, dining areas, washrooms, verandas and pay some extra attention. Also, removing unwanted chairs can give space for people to gather.

Kitchen Essentials

Make sure you have stock of every small ingredient in your kitchen. Avoid running at the neck of the moment to pick them up from your nearby store. Double check that your spices are full and there is always some extra garlic, cheese, salt, and sugar. This is something very important if you’re throwing up some snacks or grilled dishes like barbeque.


Preparing your home for a party is something that you should take into consideration. You have to re-arrange certain parts of your home and make it comfortable for the guests to gather. Make sure that there is always some extra space and not crowded. Make sure that there is a proper flow as to where your guests will place their shoes or coats such as in the verandah, and, whether there is space or a bar set up to offer drinks to your guest, and so on. Make sure to have extra plates and name cards, so it would be easy for your guests to figure it out.

Centre of Attraction

No matter how you décor the entire room with beautiful hand-made crafts and lanterns, the centerpiece of the table will be the point of attraction. Whenever guests enter your dining area, their focus would be on the table. So have a beautiful décor as a centerpiece which attracts your guests. Purchase bulk lace table runners if you want to be prudent but still can achieve a timeless and vintage look to your table décor. Have a theme based decoration depending on the occasion. If you have plans on crafting the centerpiece all by yourself, then it’s good to go. Gather some inspiration from YouTube tutorial and videos.

Sit Back and Relax

With the perfect planning, hosting and witnessing the event beautifully unfold, don’t forget to sit back, enjoy and have some quality time with friends, guests, and relatives. You can also include this in your initial plan as a reminder that you should enjoy with the guests. Also, cleaning up once your guest leave is something very important, so that your further task doesn’t get multiplied or burdened. One of the most important things of inviting your guests for a dinner party is to make them enjoy the delicious dinner. Make every planning perfect and comfortable so that you enjoy the company of your guest. Save the cleaning task for later and spend some quality time which adds up to memories.

If you’re planning for your next party, make your home a welcoming space. But, before that just sit and write a plan. It would perfectly help you out. Once everything is noted down, manage them one by one. And don’t forget to spend time with friends.


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