Tennis is great for all ages and is one of the few sports that has good universal appeal and is played enthusiastically all over the world. The ever-growing popularity of tennis around the world can be attributed to the fact that it requires fewer people, place, and equipment making it a popular social sport, which offers excellent physical activity and stress relief.

All you need is a companion, a good quality racket, a tennis ball, standard net and little place to start playing and enjoy the game. While the beginners in tennis sports give more importance to acquire competent playing skills and understand about quality of tennis racquets, they hardly pay much attention to know much about the innocuous tennis balls.

Important Facts About Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are arguably the most vital element of the sport, and the tennis governing body has mandated standard specifications in ball color, size, weight, the composition of rubber and pressures for championship tournaments conducted in different surfaces namely clay, grass and hard court. It is very imperative for you to have a good understanding of the important Tennis ball facts so that you, as a beginner level player, adapt well to different playing surfaces and develop good ball hitting skills to become a professional and taste success in every surface.

Tennis balls are produced by mixing natural and synthetic rubbers along with other relevant compound mixtures, where standard temperature and heat are applied to pressurize air or nitrogen into the core of the tennis balls. The quality of felt it is the primary aspect that differentiates the specific tennis ball to be used for three different surfaces. Different types of tennis balls are manufactured with different felt quality and pressures to suit the exact fastness of the surface.

Important Factors

The important import factors that you need to look in a while choosing tennis balls namely the ball’s pertinent features, Durability, and Price. The most common type of tennis balls that you normally find is pressurized balls, which has a hollow rubber core filled with air or nitrogen. On the contrary, less-pressure tennis balls come with a core that is made out of synthetic threads or relevant specific materials to improve their durability and consistency of bounce.

Different Classifications Of Tennis Balls

The three main classifications of tennis balls are based on the important features, quality, weather suitability, and court surface.

Professional tennis balls are premium quality balls that allow seasoned players to have good precision, control and power and hence these balls are mainly used in professional tournaments. Championship balls are the next best variety of balls that are mainly manufactured with less pressure and are ideally suited for amateur competitions. Recreational tennis balls are practice balls that are made both as pressurized and non-pressurized balls and are designed to last longer to suit the kids and beginner level players to improve their playing skills.

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