Depression has become quite unavoidable and natural these days with the fast and furious lifestyle we live. But then it does not mean that we should stand and stay helpless towards it. Reducing depression is not an uphill task and we can easily control and reduce its effect on us.

There are many things that an individual can consider to do to reduce depression but the most popular tips to combat increasing depression is through watching TV. This is one of the simplest and easy approaches towards challenges and problems in life. This is a good way to deal with the stressful issues.

Watching TV is a widely used relaxation therapy for relaxing the brain. After you return from school or office try to listen to spend some time watching TV for some two hours or so. Watch and listen to good soothing music, watch a movie as such.

Allow your mind, body and soul to relax before you go to bed with summer bed sheets. Scientists have done a research and proved that there is a definite link between watching TV and brain relaxation. But then people are seen not to understand how this comes about.

When you switch on your TV your brain enters a highly suggestible hypnotic state. The left side of the brain responsible for logical thinking stops working and instead you absorb all the information with your right side of the brain responsible for emotions. In such a state, your brain activity consists mainly of alpha waves, which is what we get relaxing or meditating.

However, if you stimulate alpha wave activity by watching TV which among frequent viewers happens within 30 seconds, and among infrequent – within 3 minutes, your brain believes that everything it sees is actually happening.

You should bear in mind that the average TV viewers spend like five to six hours each day in front of their TV sets. You’ll get plenty of news covering natural disasters, wars and killing because happy news is not as interesting as unhappy one. Media knows it very well. You also get real and talk shows which expose the worst parts of human nature, and you get films full of violence and gore.

TV watching after a long session in front of your TV box will damage the logical part of the brain, the one which is more likely to seek solutions to your problems atrophies. At most times, you will change to be less willingly in doing things, you will be more passive, and you will find yourself to be bored easily and then easily. This definitely doesn’t help you to fight your depression.

Since the images you will be watching on TV change in an extremely fast manner, the front head cortex that is usually responsible for analytical thinking can’t work very well as usual. In fact, compare a movie that was produced a long time back and one made now, and you’ll see how the frequency of the scenes changed. This is done intentionally because every time it happens our brain has to pay a lot of attention to adapt to a new environment.

Also, these prolonged sessions will change an individual’s IQ levels and general intelligence drop significantly. This is simply because intelligent people use two parts of their brain equally, which doesn’t happen when you watch TV.

Watching TV also has a huge effect on children as they are most susceptible to what they see. This is one of the reasons we have a lot of children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities and depression disorder.

All this develops from these long sessions. Actually don’t even let me start on how Media develops our inferiority complex. After watching supermodels with size zero bodies, huge salaries and big houses, you get people suffering from bulimia and anorexia, lacking self-confidence, getting bullied because they don’t look how the Media led us to believe they supposed to look. We get higher rates of suicide and a general desensitization to violence. Plainly speaking watching TV doesn’t make us happier and doesn’t help our depression.

Reading which stimulates both parts of your brain enormously, going for walks, spending time with your family and friends, exercises are more likely to provide relaxation of the brain.

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