When people ask what is so attractive about Canada that people couldn’t resist then definitely the answer has to be vast peaks, glacial landscapes, its diversity, multicultural ambience and high standards of education. This is not the end of the facts rather it is just the beginning for you to explore Canada. As a destination to discover it is incredibly diverse and pretty huge, also there is a lot to range over in this country if we talk about outdoor activities which involves skiing, snowboarding, golfing, hiking, fishing, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing etc. It is the best area of interest to take advantage of where you can find the best reasons to explore Canada with a completely different sight.

Most importantly, it is quite popular among the Indian as well as International students because of its high quality of education provisions available for all types of students, working off campus or part-time jobs. Canada being ranked as the 4th most reputed country of the world for scientific research which makes it more importance as a place for further education.

So when you think of factors to sideline for your career point of view then what all points do you consider fit for your vocation. Here are a few but concrete reasons to select Canada as the ultimate career goal for your bright future. If you are inclined towards selecting Canada as the beginning of your career then you must plan first which has to include all the essential procedures including Canada study visa. Since all the procedures are going to require a counsellor, popularly known to be Canada study visa consultant who will be there to navigate you for every little and major information and documentation needed.

Hence, before jumping onto reasons to study in Canada it is also important to know all the documents, procedures and interviews you have to come across so as to apply for study visa in Canada.

So the top reasons to study in Canada are:

v Quality wise – Canada instils a lot more importance to education and also does manage to maintain its high standards in education. Thus, any degree that is acquired from a Canadian university gets global recognition as well as more worthy in the International market. Apart from this, it is quite popular as it is known among the best research intensive universities.

v Variety – The wide variety of educational sources, be it schools, colleges, universities, research institutes or schools of art and culture, Canada does offer a vast variety of degree programmes in a versatile mode. Besides this, Canada has approximately 100 universities, 200 colleges and number of famous institutes for language and art.

v Inexpensive – Apart from catering high quality of education and various programme degrees, it also does offer an affordable and cost-effective education options for Indian as well as International students. In comparison with other countries like USA, Australia and UK, the tuition fee in Canada is pretty moderate.

v Student friendly – Because of its high literacy rate in the world, Canadians are friendlier as compared to the population of other countries. In terms of cleanliness, ambience, cultural activities, safety provisions and attractive lifestyles, Canada has its own taste.

v Multicultural environment – In Canada, you can find people from every corner of the world practicing various cultures, rituals and religions. The nature of Canadians is welcoming and affable. The multicultural ambience of Canada makes you feel like home because of the wide variety of ethics and cultural activities happening around which includes food, literatures, theatre, music and festivals. Therefore, it has the 7th largest student population in the world with 2, 65,000 international students.

v Scholarships – Canada offers a wide variety of scholarships designed especially for International students. Therefore, it is the centre of education where maximum students dream about to study and make their careers.

v Job opportunities – It does offer amazing job opportunities to students especially who have graduated from the Canadian universities and thus have degrees acquired from renown Canadian institutes.

Therefore, these are some of the major reasons to choose Canada as the study point to begin your career with. For students, it is necessary to first apply for Canada study visa to go on with the further process of permits and allowances to enter Canada.

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