One would not see it necessary to vet the charity they are donating to. The reality of the matter is, you need to ensure that your money or assets are going to the right people. There are many charities currently; some can be trusted while others you should stay away from. There are several factors that you need to consider before you decide to donate to a particular charity.

1. The achievements of the charity

Unless it is getting started, a charity should be able to list its accomplishments. For instance, for charities like, you can find more information about them here. The donors need to know that their tokens are actually doing something for the society. Evaluate the impact that the charity is having on the community and whether or not it is making strides in meeting its goals. The board composition is also an essential factor to consider. Some charities hide information on who is in charge. That is suspicious: it should be transparent, particularly with that kind of information.

2. Financial status

The financial history or status of a charity is something you want to look at. The charity should also be willing to share financial information for potential donors. If the foundation is good with financial management, then it should be a safe place to go. If the biggest percentage of the money raised is used on overheads that should be a cause for alarm.

To ensure that your donation is being put to good use, ensure that the charity you are prospecting has sound financial plans.

3. Tax write-offs

One of the benefits of donating is getting tax write-offs. However, this comes with specific requirements. The charity has to be listed on the IRS website for the donors to get write-offs. Before you commit to a particular charity, confirm that it qualifies for write-offs. The advantage is that you can have both cash and non-cash donations deducted. You only have to fill a form to show that you have donated to an IRS charity and you need deductions.

To get these benefits, it is always good to keep records of the transactions you have made with the charity. You might need to send them alongside your tax returns.

It is important to note that there are scam charities, due diligence is necessary before you even get involved with any charitable organization.

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