One of the craziest things that come along with the winters is the SNOW. Whether you like it or not, you have to deal with it either for a few weeks or maybe for a few months in a row. While staying indoors can seem to be the only option left in this snowy cold weather, it becomes intolerable for kids and adults to be tucked up at your home for several snowy days.

So, instead of locking yourself and the kids up at home, just ditch that extra cup of coffee or hot chocolate to indulge in some fun winter activities. From building snowmen to performing some simple science experiments, here is a list of 10 fun things to do in the snow that will make a memorable experience for you and your kids. All you have to do is, step out of your blanket, bundle up in your warm clothes and boots and step into your winter wonderland.

  1. Build a snowman

One of the most preferred and loved activities of winters is building a snowman. As this activity also brings a lot of nostalgia along, it is a big hit among kids as well as adults. All you need to do is roll some giant balls of snow and stack one on top of the other.

The top snowball will represent the face while the bottom one will represent the body of the snowman. Be creative and use some rocks or cookies for the eyes, a carrot for the nose and twigs for the snowman’s arms. Do not forget to keep your snowman warm by wrapping him up with a scarf and a hat.

  1. Make snow animals

As snow can be easily moulded into any shape, do not let your creativity be limited to just a snowman. Use your creativity and with the help of your children make their favourite animal figures. Look around for easily accessible things such as sticks, leaves and rocks to make your snow animals appear more real. Let these snow animals rest in your backyard as winter souvenirs.

  1. Make a snow sensory bin

Sensory bins are a great hit amongst preschoolers and toddlers. To give your little ones a good snowy experience, collect some snow in a bucket or a container and make a DIY sensory bin out of it. Fill it up with colourful toys and let your child feel the texture of the snow. Give your children play dough moulds and let them experiment by making their small snow figurines.

  1. Colour up the snow

Continuously seeing white patches of snow around you could be tiring for the eyes. To keep your kids busy, try making snow as their new canvas. Just fill up some spray bottles or squeeze bottles with water and mix it with a few drops of food colouring. Hand out these bottles to your kids and let them be creative in adding some colour to the white snow. You can also give them multiple such bottles filled with different colours and help them make a rainbow or draw on the snow.

  1. Shovel the driveway

Snow accumulated in the driveways can make it difficult to navigate out of the house. Rather than using blowers to clear up the snow, try taking your kids help in clearing up the driveway using a hand shovel. However, do not give your kids big and sturdy shovels. Get them some small plastic shovels that are easy to carry and use. Teach them how to push away the snow using the shovel and reward them with something once they are done clearing up the driveway.

  1. Build a snow volcano

With the help of a simple science experiment, a snow volcano can turn out to be a huge hit amongst kids. All you need to do is, fill a tall plastic cup with 1 tablespoon of dish soap mixed with 1/4 cup of warm water, a few drops of orange food colour and half a cup of baking soda. Gently place this cup in the snow and build a volcano-like structure surrounding this cup. Make sure to leave the top open. Then ask your kids to slowly pour in some vinegar on the top of the volcano and see the bubbles and lava erupt.

  1. Make frozen bubbles

It gets difficult to keep the kids entertained when the outside temperature is below freezing point. Making frozen bubbles is an entertaining and fun-filled activity that your kids can do outside in the snow. Simply give them a bottle of bubbles and ask to make bubbles using the bubble mixture. Due to the cold temperature, these bubbles will freeze mid-air and will gently land on the ground. As the kids will pop these delicate bubbles, they can even collect frozen bubble films which is something unusual during the summers.

  1. Make some maple taffy on the snow

As much as kids love eating maple taffies, they will love making their own maple taffy too. Collect some fresh clean snow from your backyard and pack it tightly in a large dish. In the meantime, boil some maple syrup in a deep saucepan and as soon as you see the bubbles rising get it off the flame. Using a spoon or a ladle, take some hot syrup and spread it on the dish filled with snow. The snow will make the syrup cold and firmed up. Just roll it on a popsicle stick and your chewy maple taffy is ready.

  1. Go sledging

A fun-filled activity, sledging is an all-time favourite for both adults and kids. Ensure that you and your kids use a winter helmet and a safe sledge which comes along with brakes and options to steer. Pick a safe spot such as a hill that has a small slope and a large flat area at the bottom and glide your way down from the top. A fun activity for any thrill seeker

  1. Try ice-skating

Another popular winter sport among kids is ice-skating. During winter there are a lot of ice rinks that act as a perfect platform to try ice-skating. Once kids get comfortable with basic ice skating, they can further learn to play ice hockey or pick up some figure skating skills. Ice skating is also great for groups of children giving the parents a little rest over the winter break.


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