A sewer pipe is that pipe or conduit which carries your wastage to the sewerage system. As it carries the wastewater and other human wastage, it is very important to keep this pipe in good condition.

Suddenly you realized that there is a bad sewer odor in your bathroom? Don’t worry it is pretty common to have a bad odor in the bathroom, but if it is from the sewer then there is something to worry about.

Why Sewer Gas has a bad odor?

Sewer pipes carry wastage. There are bacterias and other microbes which break out these waste substances and produce gases mainly hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. Hydrogen sulfide has a bad smell like the smell of a rotten egg. This gas is the major reason for getting nose disturbed.

What Could Be the Reasons for Sewer Gas in Bathroom?

As you are getting a bad smell that is originated from sewer gas in your bathroom, this is a serious concern. This bad odor is the primary confirmation that something bad is happening in your sewer piping system.

The sewer odor in your bathroom can be the result of the following things:

  1. Evaporation of water from the p-trap
  2. Damaged sewer pipe.
  3. Presence of Hydrogen sulfide in water
  4. Generation of mold or bacteria colonies in the sewer pipe.
  5. Clogged unused sewer pipe
  6. Improper installation or cut vent pipe
  7. Broken seal or leaked seal

There could be many other reasons for having a sewer smell in the bathroom.

How to solve it?

There could be many types of solutions of having a bad smell or having a sewer gas smell in the bathroom. In some cases, you can fix the problem by yourself. For example, in case of evaporation of water from the p-trap, run shower water or through the sink, the draining of the water or fill up the p-trap again thus properly fill-up the p-trap and block the smell that comes in. Another example, if there are bacterial colonies you can put hot water in the pipe and kill all of the bacterias, thus clearing the paths.

But according to plumbers, most of the smelling sewer gas in the bathroom is broken pipe or other technical problems. If these types of problems occur, there is no other way except to take professional plumbing services. This is because there is the technical stuff that needs technical attention. Without having a technical hand, you would be able to fix all the things. If you try to fix the technical things all by yourself, there is a great chance that you damage other parts, thus making the problem more complex. A professional service could include camera inspection, fixing the broken portion, fixing the improper installations, pipe cleaning, pipelining, etc.

A professional plumber will not just only solve the existing problem but also will fix the things that are wrongly done as well as will provide the best ideas to save yourself from the sewer smell.

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