Have you ever tried to find the effective way to be motivated, being enthusiastic about your studying every single day? It’s a very frequently-asked question, isn’t it?

Nowadays, every student across the world feels a lot of pressure and faces difficulties while studying. Every day students must read a lot of books, write many research papers and do an unbelievable number of assignments! As a rule, students should do all of these and even more, but nobody says where these students should find the constant inspiration and motivation for doing all of this stuff!

One of the easiest, fastest and the most effective methods on how to find inspiration for learning is to watch a motivational study movie. It’s a well-known fact that a good movie on learning can progress you a lot. Consequently, it will give you a great opportunity to continue your studying with a totally fresh mind: to read more books, to write more for EssayOnTime, and to do your tasks much better and quicker! Despite the fact, that there is a great diversity of motivational films for students nowadays, we would like to expose 5 top inspirational movies that will definitely help you to study with great success!

1. Dead Poets Society: Despite the fact, that this film was created many years ago (1989), it has become one of the most popular movies on the educational topic ever. The story is about a group of students, who study in one of the most prestigious American colleges. But these boys don’t see any interest in studying, everything seems too boring for them both the subjects and the teachers. Nevertheless, there is one teacher – John Keating – who changes everything.

This teacher tells boys about real life, he motivates them to live their lives full of joy and happiness, full of enthusiasm and motivation, without fears and prejudice! This film is truly considered one of the most inspirational movies for students of all times, although there is a lot of other interesting thoughts and ideas in it!

2. Whiplash: This movie tells about Andrew Nieman – the boy, who dreams to become the most famous and the greatest drummer in the world. Andrew has a good success playing with the orchestra at the conservatory, but the conductor Terence Fletcher doesn’t think so. He is a very strict and a quite despotic teacher, who always exerts psychological pressure on his students.

Actually, it’s the method of how he teaches his students to become the best ones! On balance, this movie teaches students to do everything in order to become successful and have the best results! Don’t wait and watch this movie and you’ll definitely understand, that you can do everything, even that one you think impossible to do!

3. Legally Blonde: It’s one of the most motivational films every girl should watch. Despite the fact, that it’s considered to be a typical American comedy, this movie consists of several crucial components, that make it remarkable: an interesting plot and an inspirational moral. The story is about Elle Woods – a blonde girl, who has everything: money, the best grades, pretty, fame, etc.

Nevertheless, she decides to study at Harvard Law School. Elle is a typical “silly” blonde, as many think; nobody takes her seriously. That’s why, she decides to prove everyone that she can do everything because she is really smart, clever, hard-working personality! This movie will help you to understand, that no matter who you are, or what other people think about you because you have to be strong and high-motivated in order to get success!

4. The Social Network: Probably, there isn’t any student in the world who doesn’t hear anything about this movie. The story is about Mark Zuckerberg – the founder of the most popular social network in the world – Facebook. This movie is a great choice for those students, who don’t believe in their own strengths and cannot find forces to move on – study more new things every day.

Besides, it’s a good film for watching with your friends, as friendship is one of most the crucial aspects of this film.

5. The Pursuit of Happiness: This movie teaches everyone to follow their dreams no matter what. The story tells about Christopher Gardner – the father of the five-year-old son. They live together, as Chris’s wife has left him. Chris has big financial problems, he doesn’t have money for living at all.

Nevertheless, he teaches his son to have a positive attitude to life, to follow his dreams, and never give up!

Chris tries to do everything in order to become successful and have enough money to provide a better life for his son. The story has a happy end and a strong moral position! Don’t waste your time for looking some other motivational film, because this is the best one. It will teach you not only to love your study but to love your life completely!

The list of the inspirational films can be endless, and all of them will make you be satisfied with your studying, your life and everything that you have!

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