As the Cleveland Cavaliers sit in a 2-0 deficit in 2018 Eastern Conference Finals, the Boston Celtics are showing to the world that being young doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not ready. Ready to take another step doesn’t mean that LeBron is going to Two-Step with the Cavs in the near future as well.

As the Cavs and LeBron are now back in Cleveland for some home cooking, and a much-needed win, questions are raised, is this LeBron James’ last hoorah in Cleveland?  Fact of the matter is, his supporting cast is nothing but non-existent. J.R. Smith has disappeared, Tristan Thompson is soft, Kevin Love makes bad decisions. The Cavs need to be tougher mentally and physically.

What happened to Jordan Clarkson? Who knows.

Tyronne Lue has his hands full yet again with this edition of players. LeBron has given this city its only championship in a very long time. Is the King finally willing to divorce this organization for good? Some experts say he will. What I say, is that he must.  LeBron has pretty much made it clear that the dreams of chasing a ring has come and gone by the wayside. Maybe different scenery is what the king needs

Exhibit A, PHILADELPHIA 76ERS: How can The King say no? With a talented group that the Sixers provide, one can say that this team and fans will embrace the hard work that LeBron brings to the table. Add to the fact that a  blue-collar hardworking city like Philadelphia loves to reward their athletes that deliver. Joel Embid, Ben Simmons. Need I say more?

Exhibit B, HOUSTON ROCKETS: Ahhh, Clutch City. Rocket fans have been dazzled by the greatness of James Harden and Chris Paul. Question is? Will Harden give up touches for LeBron? The bench of Houston is a tad bit better than Cleveland in that sense. Mike D’Antoni’s  style of offense will demand a lot of LeBron’s legs and stamina. The run and shoot offense of Houston could play wear and tear tactics on LBJ. Another thing, Houston flat out plays NO Defense. Not sure if the king wants to hear that or deal with it.

Exhibit C, LOS ANGELES LAKERS: The days of show time are long gone as well as the Kobe-Shaq ERA. These aren’t your normal Lakers. These young guns of talent have produced win growth the last 2 years since Luke Walton took over the helm. Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, LeBRON JAMES, Brandon Ingram, and Julius Randle???

Some say, music to their ears. I say, “Yep”.

The King’s Brentwood Estate is not far from Staples Center as well as El Segundo (Lakers Training Facility). With the cap space to sign two max free agents, the Lakers find themselves as one of the front runners to land LeBron. In order to slay the dragon of the Golden State Warriors, you have to cut the head off. Luke Walton knows exactly how that dragon operates. With LeBron in the mix, the sword would be complete to slay that dragon.

Whatever LeBron James decides to do after the season, Cleveland fans can’t be upset. He will always be that kid from Akron. He promised a title to Cleveland. He fulfilled that.

All in all, the people of Cleveland as well as the world, have witnessed greatness year in, year out.

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