It’s not too early to start planning your Mother’s Day gifts.  There are a lot of $0 gifts that include allowing mom to sleep in, a lazy stroll in a park, I.O.U. gift cards for household chores, and other things that are special for her.  Here are some ideas about purchased gifts that can have an impact.


Tea is frequently a great gift choice.  There are a number of good online companies that offer gift boxes of an assortment of teas.  Or, you can just go to the food store and pick up a selection of her favorites.

Coffee is another nice option.  If she likes some variety, you can find combinations or a box of assortment pods that will let her explore some flavors she would not ordinarily spend money on herself.  Don’t forget the flavored creamer options. 

If she imbibes a bit, sign her up for a wine box or wine of the month club.  She can update her settings and change the types periodically.  Check with local wineries about options they might have or if they can create a personalized gift box for you. 

Candy is always dandy.  Look for Hershey’s special orders where you can customize the wrapping.  A coffee mug filled with her favorites is always an easy and quick gift.  Shop at some local chocolate shops or order online for gourmet combinations of biscotti, chocolate covered pretzels, or fruit coated in milk or dark chocolate.  If you are on a budget, create your own candy bar bouquet.


You can’t go too far wrong with a nice piece of jewelry.  Bracelets are really popular these days.  Surprise her with a zodiac sign bracelet with her star sign dangling.  Or, if you prefer, have one customized with signs for her and all the children and grandchildren.  It will be a great conversations piece at her next book club meeting.

Necklaces and pendants are always popular.  Make sure the chain is the correct length for her body size and shape.  Too short and it will look like it is strangling her but too long and it will get lost in the folds of her shirt or dress.


Cut flowers or a plant is always nice.  Go unique and give her a bonsai tree or a hanging basket of colorful annuals to hang outside her bedroom window.  There is a whole history of the meaning of flowers like calla lilies stand for beauty and day lilies are the Chinese symbol of motherhood.  Gerber daisies are the sign for happiness.

Body and Comfort

To reflect all the comfort she gives everyone in ups and downs, get a basket of body washes, lotions, creams, and scents.  They can include sleeping masks, washcloths made from bamboo (the softest ever!), and bath bombs.

Find a weighted blanket in her favorite color.  Every time she snuggles, she will think of you.

As you can tell, there are any number of choices this year from a bouquet of roses, or a zodiac sign bracelet, to a bottle of chardonnay, or a day at the spa.  The choice is yours and hers.



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