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Culture: Why Do People Start Smoking?

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Scientists haven’t still determined the natural ways of forming and expansion of diseases related to using cigarettes.

They also want to find out the role of individual components of the smoke in these processes.

This means that science has to establish why some consumers of tobacco products are ill, while others do not. By the way, science can’t give an unambiguous reply, whether there is one or another disease solely because of smoking. This is partly because all diseases that are related to smoking also occur among people who have never smoked.

What people need to know about the risks of smoking:

  • -Smoking cause of many dangerous and deadly diseases.
  • -Health risks vary according to the number of smoked cigarettes. There is an increased risk in those groups of participants, who smoke longer time and are consume more cigarettes a day.
  • -Risks are reduced in groups of people who abandon entirely this habit – and the earlier they do it, then the chances are significantly reduced.
  • -Specialists recommend quitting smoking during pregnancy.
  • -The only way to avoid the risks associated with smoking is not to smoke at all.

In spite of this, the statistics do not have any information about the situations when a particular smoker will avoid the risk of smoking-related illness when smokeless. Researches also show that the only way to prevent smoking risks is not to smoke at all, and the best way to reduce the risks is to abandon this habit.

Why do people smoke?

It is well known that prices for cigarettes are often extremely high, but at the same time smoking is one of the most widespread basіs of different diseases, but. In this regard, there is a fair question why so many people smoke?

It is widely believed that the only source of smoking is an addiction. That is why many smokers may find it difficult to quit smoking.

The pharmacological effect of nicotine(stimulation and relaxation) is an integral part of the smoking process. Therefore, cigarettes that do not contain nicotine are unlikely to be suitable for smokers.

However, nicotine is not the only reason why people smoke.

Many smokers have a particular ritual, which involves several senses at the same time. So, many smokers talk about the pleasure of feeling a cigarette in their hands, look, taste and smell of smoke.

Smoking often causes people to feel belonging to one social group.

Can I quit smoking?

Smoking can be challenging to give up. At the same time, we believe that those smokers who decide to quit smoking should know that they can do this, with their motivation and belief in their strength. We convinced that if you choose to stop smoking, you have to do this.

Many smokers say they have a cigarette addiction. People realize the real risk of serious illnesses, but keep on smoking and believe that it is difficult to quit.

The millions of smokers have quit smoking without any medical care, while other millions can regulate how often, when and where they smoke, due to different social norms. Smokers have different variants, which can help them to quit like nicotine replacement therapy (e.g., patches or chewing gum). The essential thing on your way for giving up smoking – is a Vapingdaily vape starter kit – it is a box, which has first-need items to start vaping: 1 or 2 e-cigarettes, one or 2 atomizers, a charger, and a pack of filled cartridges.

At a time when all these things can bring a lot of benefits, the most critical factor in the successful denial of smoking is the motivation and belief that it is possible.

What people should know about smoking cessation:

  • -Smoking can be difficult to give up. Every adult who begins to smoke should know that it may be difficult later to refuse this.
  • -For those who want to quit smoking, important are motivation and belief in themselves.
  • – Vapes can help you to cope with your tobacco addiction. If you have no idea what to start with you can buy vape starter kit.
  • -Many millions of people have successfully abandoned smoking.
  • -Pieces of Advice for smoking cessation can be obtained from a large number of sources, including healthcare providers and public health professionals.

It is commonly believed that nicotine improves mental activity. The feeling of improvement the mental processes is misleading. Effect of stimulation is very changeable, so to keep a good state, it is necessary to raise the quantity all the time.

As a result, we have the reduction in mentality and the gradual degradation of personality.

This is especially dangerous if smoking is used in childhood.

It is not surprising that people smoke to feel more confident, to adapt in unknown situations.

It should be noted that smoking makes the process of communication more accessible. Smoking gives them the opportunity to do something when you do not know how to behave yourself, fills pauses in a conversation, gives time to think.

Most smokers feel that they can throw this habit at any moment. As Mark Twain noticed, “it is very easy to quit smoking, I personally did it 72 times.”

If you smoke, try not to put other people under the effect of smoke in public places, at work and home.

A balanced diet will help to prevent heart disease and somewhat reduce the negative impact of smoking.

Regular physical activity can help you to normalize the level of cholesterol, and the tone of the nervous system trains the heart and prevents heart disease and dementia. Moreover, make the brain happier, and less dependent on harmful sources of joy – sweets or smoking.

British experts in narcology have found out why smokers or people who do not smoke try and begin to smoke electronic cigarettes. Experts from the Center for the Study of Addictiveness in Glasgow (Scotland) presented the research findings in the Harm Reduction Journal.

Mainly fruit flavors, vapers like the most. As a result, they go entirely over to vapes instead of traditional tobacco products.

“If vapes are banned, most smokers will turn back to cigarettes,” said one of the authors of the research.

During the research, the researchers found out what forced volunteers to quit tobacco and start to use the vape kits and how this transition has influenced the frequency of smoking and other habits. In the experiment took part for about 20,000 smokers.

The investigation proved that the avid vapers smoked cigarettes with a fruit or “candy” taste.

According to the author’s study, it turned out that with the spreading of fruit fillers for best vapes, the number of traditional smokers has also increased.

About the author: Margaret Wilson, a blogger who writes about the healthy way of life (healthy food, sports, motivation etc.) Now she studies vaping as an alternative for people who are struggling with smoking.

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