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Second-hand vaping: main risks

Many opponents of smoking argue the harm of vaping by the fact that it is not well understood. Indeed, long-term research for decades is not. And they cannot be, because vape has only really become popular in recent five years. However, there are no long-term studies, and we will talk about them in this article. What do we know about secondhand smoke? Although the harm of smoking was known in
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Marry an Addict: How to Help a Loved One Recover

You’ve probably heard people refer to love as a funny thing. You spend a significant amount of your lifetime waiting for it and when it happens, everything seems to fall into place. But, what happens when you fall in love with an addict? Do you go ahead and marry them or do you end the relationship the moment you realize that they have an addiction problem? Everybody knows that addiction
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Culture: Why Do People Start Smoking?

Scientists haven't still determined the natural ways of forming and expansion of diseases related to using cigarettes. They also want to find out the role of individual components of the smoke in these processes. This means that science has to establish why some consumers of tobacco products are ill, while others do not. By the way, science can't give an unambiguous reply, whether there is one or another disease solely