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Dallas Cowboys: Three Reasons 2017 Will Not Be As Successful

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The Dallas Cowboys are a team that is on everybody’s radar. They are a team that finished 13-3 and won the NFC East in 2016. The question is will they be able to repeat that. I will tell you now, the answer is no! Why? Here are three reasons why they will not be as good as 2016.


The Dallas Cowboys lost two starting corners and a starting safety. They had enough troubles in 2016 with their secondary. They finished ranked 27th in the league in passing defense. If you think that, you are going to do better with five rookies back there. Along with those five rookies, their current starters are a sixth-round choice from 2016 and a free agent from the Philadelphia Eagles. Who, themselves cannot cover receivers. Why would you want one of their d-backs?

If the Cowboys get production from this area of the field, it will be because they were able to accumulate some sort of a pass rush. A good pass rush helps a poor secondary. However, that is just as unlikely.

Offensive Line

I will be one of the first to admit that the Dallas Cowboys had THE BEST offensive line 2016. That is set to change in 2017. You can pass that torch to the Oakland Raiders. The Cowboys lost their right side of the offensive line. Starting right tackle Doug free retired. Starting left tackle Ronald Leary left via free agency to the Denver Broncos. 704 rushing yards came from running right. With a new right side, do you think that is still possible in 2017? That will be tough treading.

Dak Prescott

Dak had a tremendous rookie season in 2016. More often than not, players do not perform as well in their second season. The “sophomore slump” is a real thing. This, along with more tape being available on the kid will help defenses slow down the Dallas Cowboys passing attack in 2017.

Teams will also stack the box on first and second down to keep the Cowboys in third and long situations. Prescott was 21st in the league in third down completion percentage. Teams will do what they can to make that stat reappear in 2017.

These are just a few of the factors that will keep the Dallas Cowboys from repeating their 2016 success. Will they be successful? Sure, they are a good football team. They will just not share the same feats in 2017 that they did in 2016.

How do you think the Dallas Cowboys will fair? Comment below.

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