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Dallas Cowboys: Why Dak Prescott is not the QB of the future

In completing 10-12 passes for 139 yards and two touchdowns in a 28-24 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Dak Prescott all but solidified his claim on being the heir to Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys quarterback of the future.

Or did he?

If you have not been on social media or watching ESPN over the last 24 hours, the former Mississippi State Bulldog quarterback put on a brilliant Texas-sized passing clinic bigger than this side of Danny White and Troy Aikman against the Rams’ second and third stringers out at the L.A. Coliseum.

In connecting with Dez Bryant on a 10-yard touchdown pass and Terrance Williams on a 32-yarder, Prescott stamped his claim to possibly being the backup to Tony Romo, but the over-the-top social media overkill anointing him THE guy so soon is a sad example of overreaction journalism dressed up as armchair analysis.

Not to run the risk of channeling my inner Stephen A. Smith, a notorious Dallas Cowboys hater, but after being rebuffed by both the aforementioned Rams and QB-needy Browns for the likes of Nick Foles and Josh McCown. It appears that the 24-7 Cowboys hype machine trying to prop up Prescott as the second coming of Roger Staubach is working overtime.

Yes, Romo—and his back—is 36 going on 80, forgive me for not buying into the Prescott savior/heir apparent narrative. If there is one thing Dallas is good at doing is grabbing headlines—both on and off the field–and reading their press clippings a little too much.

Such as a franchise that calls itself “America’s team,” however, they haven’t won much of anything in the last 20 years.

While they have the makings of being a contender in the NFC East under Romo, the Cowboys will go as far as Romo’s back will take them, and while Prescott did look impressive in a pre-season game.

Please curb your enthusiasm, as I am in the proverbial minority that wants to see him produce in games that count.

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