Let’s be honest. There are times when you grab your dry shampoo and run out the door. We all would love having the extra time to wash our hair in the morning but sometimes it isn’t realistic. The problem is, what products can we trust? And more importantly, what is safe on our scalp?

Aerosol dry shampoo has been known to cause frequent itchiness, dryness, and most concerning, hair loss. The chemicals inside these aerosol products can also have lasting impacts on the environment.

m’Chel Haircare is here to fix that with the Day After Brush. The brand  is focused on delivering high-quality dry shampoo while avoiding any of the toxic chemicals that much of the market is handing off to consumers. 

As Founder and CEO Michelle Kim explains, “I had to give up being a hairstylist because of the harmful chemicals in hair products making me intolerant to being in a salon. This led to my mission of creating clean hair care products that are safe for the user and safe for the environment.”

The Day After Brush contains no harmful chemicals and is designed to keep the scalp and hair healthy.  It safely deodorizes, removes oil, and freshens the hair with ease. The design of a unique combination of bristles prevents the powder from directly going onto the scalp, which eliminates itchiness and dryness found from other traditional dry shampoos. This dry shampoo is so effective that you can go the entire week without washing and it will continue to absorb oil. 

Clean cosmetics are trending in the beauty industry because of the popular interest in higher standards for all-around health and safety. Unfortunately, many companies are still producing products containing the same old chemicals from years past. This alone is not enough to deliver the best hair care, let alone peace of mind, and healthy wellbeing.

As Kim divulges further, “Our focus is on delivering quality ingredients and thoughtfully designed packaging all while limiting our impact on the environment. We are setting a high bar for hair care products, meaning we are always searching through the latest innovations from labs, journals, and manufacturers.” 

m’Chel Haircare’s Day After Brush is at a 20% discount with pre-orders being taken now. Orders will be shipping in November. 

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