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Marvel’s The Defenders trailer (video)!


May 3, 2017

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Finally! The Defenders trailer hit today. While critics have blasted each show at times individually Marvel looks to have pulled out the stops with this one. Their cinematic universe wasn’t a hit (Iron Man excluded) until the Avengers blew up the big screen. If Marvel continues their trend of good luck, this will silence their critics to the delight of fans.

The Defenders began to take shape when Marvel and Netflix paired together to release Daredevil. After the debacle that was the movie, fans needed a reason to come back to the character. With the pressure of the big screen off, Marvel hit us with the fast-paced, action-packed, origin for Hell’s Kitchen’s favorite blind lawyer. Daredevil was the foundation for each spinoff and was an instant hit with fans.

From there Jessica Jones and Luke Cage were more of the superpower based shows each leading to their own tone. Jessica Jones was more the psychological thriller and Luke Cage being more political. Jones spawned one of the series’ best villain in Killgrave who controlled her mind and actions. Cage was living in the inner city and dealing with societies perception of things they didn’t understand.

As recently as this year, Iron Fist debuted and wasn’t what some fans expected. Critics were a little too harsh on this one. With rumors of “whitewashing” floating around before the premiere, a dark cloud cast a shadow over what went on to be another solid showing for Marvel. Iron Fist not only payed tribute to old school kung fu movies, but had to face the uphill challenge of making it in a modern superhero world. Throw in trying to stay true to the actual character and it was quite the challenge. Expectations doomed Iron Fist rather than bad storytelling or acting. It hit it’s snares for sure but was nowhere as bad as it was reviewed.

If you watched this trailer and weren’t instantly excited, please go back and watch each show again. This was hands down the best trailer of the Marvel/Netflix lineup. Taking nothing away from the stand alone shows, but if you liked the shows leading up to now than you should geek out for The Defenders. Something about the trailer had a different feel than previous trailers. They seemed to have sprinkled in a couple one liners and brought comedy along in the all too serious lead ups. We’ve met the characters, now let’s see how far they can draw us in.

Speaking of getting drawn in, there’s plenty left unanswered by the trailer. Does the story pick up where Iron Fist left off or are we months if not years down the road? Will we pick up the story where they all come together or will they refer back to it midseason? The easiest connection is obviously the nurse Claire, but is she the one who brings them together or is it the creepy voice speaking in the trailer? Which of Marvel’s villains is crazy enough to take on these four? Lastly, why do we have to wait till August. Ugh, it’s going to be a long summer. The Defenders premieres on Netflix August 18th. Come back here for our review!

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