Visiting the dentist is one of the things that many people ignore today. Many people only visit the dentist when they need to have a tooth pulled out or when they begin experiencing pain in their teeth. A small percentage are very proactive and visit their dentist on a regular 6 monthly basis as per their dentist’s recommendations. In other cases, the people that regularly visit the dentist are people who have sustained facial injury through sport or through bodily harm. Anyone who has incurred a facial injury should be evaluated by a dentist.

How regularly should you see a dentist?

This is a question that many people ask when they are told that they should visit the dentist more often. The answer to this question is 6 months. This is the ideal period between your appointments with your dentist. There is evidence however that many people can go 5 years before they next visit their dentist. Despite so, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry, and New York Family Dental Arts clinic will definitely give you the best services.

Why 6 months?

It is not known with certainty where the 6-month period was established. However, in the very early days there is evidence that dentists were more focused on treating the dental related issues instead of preventing them. Bayside Dentist recommends a regular checkup to ensure plaque and tartar do not lead to more serious dental health issues. This is because the number of people that were concerned about their dental health was very small. Due to this, the health and dental authorities around the world sought to establish criteria for the prevention of these dental diseases.

Due to the lack of evidence to support the dental health standards, an educated guess of 6 months was made. When you visit your Buderim dentist it will be recommended that you have an 6-monthly appointments to stay on top of your oral health care.

It is important to regularly visit your dentist for the following reasons;

Identification of a disease or condition in its early stages

This is not only with teeth, it is also relevant for your gums, tongue and mouth. When the possible cause of the disease is determined early, it is easier to treat it or control it. This not only helps you save money you would have spent on treatments, it also helps you save time and maintain your oral hygiene. Early identification of a condition or disease also helps you to avoid a lot of pain you would have had if the condition had been left undiscovered over time.


When you visit your dentist regularly, they are able to monitor your oral health and give you professional recommendations. For example, based on your oral health condition, the dentist may schedule an appointment with you before the 6-month recommended period. The dentist is also able to closely monitor your oral health and be in a better position to notice when your oral health is going through some changes. The dentist can also recommend you change your toothpaste or toothbrush among other things.


Oral health is one of the most important aspects of overall health even though many people do not take a lot of interest in it. Dentists always insist that you visit them regularly so that they are able to examine and give an early diagnosis to any diseases or conditions you may be exposed to. So be proactive and schedule a visit with your dentist and stay on top of your oral health.


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