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Derek Jeter Is The Savior The Miami Marlins Need

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Let’s end all of the speculation right now. The Miami Marlins need Derek Jeter.

After news broke on Tuesday that the partnership between Jeb Bush and Jeter had dissolved, with the former Governor of Florida leaving the investment group to purchase the team at South Florida, the former New York Yankees captain could have folded his tent and closed up shop.

Jeter immediately stated that he still wanted to be part of a group that changed the culture and the ownership of the fledgling Marlins. Pure Jeter style. And good news for the Miami Marlins faithful.

It’s that same kind of mentality that helped him in the New York Yankees win World Series championships. It’s the same kind of character that Jeter displayed all throughout his Hall of Fame career.

When it was determined that the reason for the divorce of two central figures in the bidding for Jeffrey Loria’s team was because Jeter wanted more control of the team, all you needed to know was how passionate he is about making this a reality.

The loss of Bush in this process could be hard to overcome, but there are other opportunities for investors. While Tagg Romney and Tom Glavine have put their best foot forward and trying to obtain the Miami Marlins baseball team, where only a couple of weeks ago they seem to be the front runners, Bush and Jeter were further along in the purchasing process at the time of Bush’s departure.

This isn’t something that Jeter is going to let slow him down. It’s that kind of mentality that the people in Miami in the baseball community deserve and need.

For years, Loria has been depicted as one of the worst owners in sports. The thought of Jeter involved in the day-to-day operations, and his connection to Don Mattingly, the current skipper of the Marlins, is nothing more than a baseball match made in heaven.

As a fan, I can’t help but be giddy of the thought of “Donnie Baseball” and “The Captain” playing for the same team again. I was never a Yankees fans, but Jeter and Mattingly are amongst my favorites of all time.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said a couple weeks ago he wanted this process to be over by the All-Star break when major-league players would ascend on Miami for the Mid-Summer classic. That can still happen. Taking a step back, with some reorganization, might be the best thing for Jeter in his pursuit. One of the great things about the second baseman’s career was his attention to detail. In trying to purchase the Marlins, detail is essential in making that dream a reality. If anybody can make the Marlins relevant again, it will be Jeter.

I’m not doubting the potential of a Romney-Glavine ownership group. But the city of Miami needs a shot of adrenaline in the worst way possible. Jeter’s endearing smile, his swagger, and his star power are perfect for the bright lights, colorful community of South Beach and Miami. 

As this processed winds down, I will be interested to see what adjustments Jeter and his investors make. Jeb Bush was one of the better governors in the state of Florida. He is highly respected and beloved by many. If he left such an important business venture, he had to have a good reason. Baseball is part of the Bush family. And while his business savvy will be sorely missed, Jeter and his other business partners will find other avenues to fill the void.

City of Miami and the Miami Marlins baseball community need Jeter’s influence too much to give up hope that this won’t happen. If Jeter plans a course of success like he did as a player, this dream for everyone will become a reality.

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