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Dez Bryant Appears To Be Recruiting Darrelle Revis

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Dez Bryant has taken to social media in an attempt to do something that most never saw coming. Dez Bryant is attempting to lure Darrelle Revis to the Dallas Cowboys.
The interesting aspect of this move seems to be the history between the two players. No matter where Revis plays, there’s always some “smack talk” between the two on game day. Revis was once regarded as the best cornerback in all of football.
Dez Bryant, at the same time, is held in high regard as one of the best receivers in the NFL. With that said, there is only one question to be asked. Do the Cowboys want Darrelle Revis playing corner?

Digging Into The Heart Of The Matter

The Dallas Cowboys already had a weak secondary last season. J.J. Wilcox, Barry Church, Morris Claiborne, and Brandon Carr leaving made the secondary even more suspect. Dallas relied heavily on the draft to replace the aforementioned players above. Nolan Carroll and Orlando Scandrick are the only two players in that group with more than a few games experience. If the Cowboys can get Revis to accept a contract with Los financial terms, signing Revis may be worth a shot. Judging by the fact that the Jets still owe Revis $6 million, this deal may be possible.

Author’s Take

The Jets experiment last year didn’t work out. Maybe it was because of the rest of the team around him. Then again, maybe he’s losing his luster. Revis will be 32 this year, so to say he is a seasoned veteran is an understatement. Revis could sign with the Cowboys and prove he can still play. What’s more, Dallas is a totally different team than the Jets. Should the Cowboys sign Revis, it could be what he needs to rejuvenate what most critics consider a player nearing the end of his career. Is it worth a shot signing him? Yes. Is it guaranteed to work? No.

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