DJ DEZ 804

DJ DEZ 804 formally known as “Mattress God” was born in September 8, 1992 and raised in Richmond, Virginia. No doubt, he is a famous rapper and the majority of people love to watch him and listen to his songs. The multi-talented rapper Desmond Chapman aka DJ DEZ 804 has struggled to make his name in the industry, but his unique style and vast vision show the potential for a global breakthrough.

In 2018 his single “Heater” and music video break the internet. The Heater has attained immense popularity and the majority of the listeners love to enjoy the music due to the catchy hooks. As an independent artist, he has paved the way for a career that leads to bigger opportunities in his creative vision scope.

DJ DEZ 804 has produced a soundscape that is unconventional and unique based out of Richmond, Virginia.

DJ DEZ 804 wants to continue dominating the music industry with strong principles that he will keep on upholding. He believes that there is no accountability in other people’s opinions and that these opinions only become facts when you let them.

What makes his music worthy is the fact that every lyric and every word speaks the truth. DJ DEZ 804 expresses his thoughts in rhyming words with soothing beats to let all his listeners know that he is not merely telling a narrative but also singing out his heart and truth.

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